Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Winter Family Fun

Take three snowmobiles, four adults, eight kids and a whole lot of "stuff" and you have a recipe for a fun weekend. We had a great time at Layne and Sarahs cabin. The boys especially loved every minute out in the snow. Its a beautiful place (otherwise known in the temple movie as the "lone and dreary world") that is not lone and dreary at all, but a white winter wonderland. We had a great time! Thanks Jensens!

I apologize that these pictures are all out of order. I couldn't figure out how to rearrange them once I had downloaded them. But here they are...such fun!

Daniel was an amazing skier and snowboarder. He has great balance and determination and did surprisingly well!
Emma tried the skiis for about 5 minutes and that was enough for her.

Emma chose to spend the majority of the time inside the cabin playing barbies, drinking hot chocolate and sitting by the fire.
This began as a snow cave, but Richard turned it into a tunnel the kids could crawl through and come out about 6 feet over on the other side.
Landon and Emily- one of the few moments spent inside the cabin for lunch and playing a quick game of chess.
Daniel, Jake and Isaac keeping busy and warm by the cozy fire.
Richard and Layne after a good, hard snowmobile ride- Dads only!

Daniel and Jake riding on the coolers in the sled on the five mile trek into the cabin.
Landon and Emily enjoying the ride in on the snowmobile.
Richard the snowmobile stud.
Emma the movie star snow queen.
Ahh, we made it! Cabin Sweet Cabin.


Jill Bearden said...

Hey Jenny! I finally got your blog address from Richard. So cute! I feel like I know you better now. I liked your 100. It was hard for me to write too. I can't believe how much snow they still have at the cabin! You guys are a fun family! I will keep checking your blog! I'm glad you started one. :-)

Jill Bearden said...

One more comment...

We need to talk!!!! :-)