Friday, May 4, 2012

Ich habe ein jam disaster

I have a problem.  Yesterday was a very frustrating day.  I knew I was going to make strawberry jam, so I ran a couple of errands and even though I got gas at Costco, I decided not to go in, but to get my strawberries at Macey's because they supposedly had a good deal.  So I went to Macey's to get lemon juice and karo syrup and pectin and strawberries.  Well, they had like 4 little cartons- not nearly enough.  I had to go back to Costco and buy my strawberries there.  I finally got home and began the process.  Well, the food processor I have is really old and I think it is warped.  I couldn't get the pieces to fit together properly and I cracked the bowl and the lid.  This created some weird friction on the blade and the only way to get the bowl out was to pull the blade out which turned red hot with friction and I burned myself!  Then I opened the pectin.  I accidentally bought the wrong kind!!  Kate and I hopped on the bike and rode back to Macey's to get the right kind and came back home.  I PUT THE SUGAR IN BEFORE THE PECTIN.  The instructions say to put the pectin in first and let in dissolve for 30 minutes.  Just look at the picture.  It's SYRUP.  I am soooooo mad.  Kate came in to the kitchen right in the middle of all this madness and said so sweetly (and with a smile on her face), "I don't want to hear you scream, Mom."  Well, I didn't.  But I want to.  I have one more box of strawberries to do and I will not mess them up!  If anyone wants some really tasty syrup, you're welcome to come get some!  Ugh...what a waste.  Anyone have a magical way or suggestion to fix this?