Thursday, April 29, 2010

Race for the Cure

My sweet sister-in-law, Michelle, is putting together a team to run in the Race for the Cure on Saturday May 8th. She thought (and I agree) that running the 5k would be a great way to honor our Mother, especially the day before Mother's Day. If you are interested in running on "Team Judy" and would like to have a T-shirt made, let me know ASAP. Or, you can simply go to the website here and register under the team name "Judy". The more the merrier! I think it will be really wonderful....despite the fact that I have never run anything. I didn't even have to run the mile in PE because I have asthma and I always had a note from my Doctor. But for my Mom, I can do it! My Mom will be proud of me!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I just thought I would post this. They just put it in the ground two weeks ago and I think it is so nice. My dad said it was weird to see his own name on a headstone. Kind of like when Scrooge goes to the cemetary with the ghost of Christmases yet to come. Except my Dad is a much nicer, and better looking man than Scrooge.

What does the fishy say?

See this little guy? Our cousins gave us this fish 4 years ago. Four years! And he's been living in this little bowl. He's had friends that have come and gone, some that have committed suicide by jumping out of the bowl and drying on the counter before being found, and we've even gone on trips for 4 or 5 days without feeding him. Richard is very faithful at cleaning out the bowl, otherwise I'm sure he'd die. He's escaped during cleaning and gone down the disposal (not while it was on) and I've had to reach down and get him out (screaming the whole time!). He doesn't even have a name. Kate loves to see the fishy and the other day we put him in a little bowl on the floor while Richard cleaned out his bowl. Even though I was supervising Kate she still managed to grab him and squeeze nice and hard before we could make her drop him. His skin is broken and you can see his meat underneath. She almost squeezed his guts out! That was like 4 days ago and he is still alive! What a fish! What does the fishy say? "Stop squeezing me Kate!" (To be said in a you look pretty Mom kind of voice.)

In other totally unrelated news, Emma spent her day yesterday selling brownies and lemonade. She had a blast and I'm afraid we are going to be doing it again today. She made a few dollars and was so thrilled!
Landon and Daniel went down to shear sheep in Spring City yesterday. Their highlight was gathering all the dead lambs and dumping them in the "dead pit". They also watched another boy stab a bloated dead sheep with a knife and all the gas leaked out like a popped balloon. Looks like they'll have some good stories to share at school today.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Today I.....

Today I put away all the strawberry jam that I made yesterday. We have been using store bought jam (yuck!) since we ran out of last years supply. We are so happy to have delicious jam once again! As I made the jam I remembered back to my jam making experience three years ago. Richard had been in the hospital for a full week because of pulmonary embolisms (blood clots in his lungs). It was exactly 3 years ago today that he went in....Friday the 13th of April. It was a terrible week and on my way home from the hospital one night with the kids I got in a car accident. My mom had also just found out that her cancer had returned. I remember the day after he was released from the hospital I thought I could make jam. I had bought the strawberries but had no food processor. I also wanted to get some spring yard work done, but Richard was unable to do anything. My house was also a disaster and I was overwhelmed. My sister, Heather, just happened to drive up from St. George that day and stopped by my house on a whim. I had no idea she was coming and I remember as soon as I saw her on my doorstep I started bawling. She went to my Mom and Dads and told them how I was feeling. That afternoon, Heather and my Mom and Dad came to the rescue. Heather cleaned my bathrooms, my Dad mowed the lawn and my Mom trimmed the hedges and raked out all the flower beds. My parents also decided they needed a new food processor anyway and gave me their old one so I could make jam. I was so grateful for their service, even though I felt like a charity case. I thought about that day a lot as I made jam. I thought of my sweet Mom who had just found out about her cancer and still came to my aid. I thought of the times I helped my mom use that food processor in her kitchen as my own little Emma helped me make jam. It's been 6 months since my Mom died and it feels like 6 years. Like my brother Dave said, it does not get easier with time. I'm so grateful for her glorious example, but I never imagined I could miss her so much.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break 2010

We just got back from a great spring break in St. George. The weather wasn't as warm as it usually is this time of year, but it was a whole lot better than it is here! And it is so great to see the beautiful, green grass and palm it! We ate tons of food, visited a lot of people and made it to Snow Canyon (on a super windy day). We had a wonderful time and were so happy to spend time with my Dad, who was able to be down for the weekend and Heather and her cute family, who live in St. George. We also visited the Young's (friends we hadn't seen in years) and got to visit the Szymanski's in Kanab. I think I could have handled a few more days down there, but alas, we had to come back. Back to real life. I love vacations, but I hate cleaning up. Thats what I'm doing today. Here are some pictures from our trip. There's lots of them!

Kate and Grandpa- she LOVES him so much and gets so excited to see him!
Emma didn't even want to golf. She was so content pushing baby cousin, Claire, in the stroller the whole time.
Grandpa and the boys. You gotta love Parker's goggles- he refused to take them off.
"Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters.."

Kate thought throwing the balls was the best part of golfing
So fun to be with cousins!
Heather and I did eggs with the kids while the menfolk went to priesthood
Beautiful Easter eggs!
Even though the air was cool, the spa was warm and they loved it!

Cute girls swinging
This was at the Young's in Toquerville. I could have stayed in this hammock all day long! It's right next to a river and the temperature was just perfect!

Emma loves puppies- isn't this one adorable!
Having her own fun while the other kids were in the hot tub

Just chillin' in Heather and Brent's hot tub!
My cute hubby and my cute kids
Love these guys!

I love their happy smiles- check out Kate!
It was sooooo windy- like my hair?
She loved it, even though she was unsure of the wind and sitting on this little ledge
The boys were on a big hill and that is our car they are pointing to

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Funny girl

Emma has been saying a few things lately that just crack me up. Here are some examples:

I had to send mini bagels to preschool today for a project and I told Emma last night that I had to go to the store to buy mini bagels.
"Mom, you've already told me that like three times today."
"Oh, sorry. I guess I just don't want to forget. I won't say it anymore."
"It's okay. You can say it again......just not to me."

When she came home from preschool today she said this.
"Miss Tina asked us what we want to be when we grow up. I told her I was going to be a scientist, and three boys in my class said they were going to be Spiderman! They actually think that when they grow up they can shoot webs out of their hands. Plus, this sign (the web shooting sign) means I love you."