Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Fish Lake pictures- part 1

I wanted to post our Fish Lake pictures from my camera and this is as far as I got. My camera died while I was trying to download pictures, so here is the first bunch of pics. More to come as I try to catch up on the last few weeks.

Richard and Daniel
Love the intensity on his face as he tries to reel one in!
Connor, Dave, Daniel and Carter
Landon and Daniel hoping for a good one
Emma trolling
Another success
Emma, Grandpa and Kate
We all painted our nails and I thought it was funny to be putting a worm on a hook with pink sparkly nails. Kate, Mom and Emma's hands.
Heather and Jenny at Minute to Win it
I love this picture of Daniel
Sweet little baby Jude chillin' in Aunt Michelle's arms
Sitting by the campfire

I love this picture of my Dad and the kids love him to pieces!
Jon, Emma, Grandpa, Kate
Daniel, Richard and Landon
Landon and Jon
Me and my girls

My kiddos and the cool t-shirts we made!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rewind a bit

I have gotten so behind on so many things that I need to back up just a bit. The first week of August was spent at the McAllister reunion. We all had a great time being together for a few days and spent a fun day at Palisades Park. Most of the pictures I took are of that day. Thanks to Kathryn and Jason for all their planning. BTW Kathryn, Kate wears her backpack that she made every single day. She cannot be without it. She has a phone, a cup, a baseball, money, candy, binkies, garbage, and a Book of Mormon in it. It is pretty heavy, but she insists on wearing it.
Cousins in the canoe

Cousins in the paddleboat
Petting one of the many frogs the kids found by the lake
Looking at the frogs...they all dropped the frogs so many times on the ground, I'm sure they all died!
Katelyn deciding to march into the water without a swimsuit or life jacket
McKenna, Riley, Landon, Ethan, Chante
Darling Emma
Daniel pouting with a life jacket over his head because he didn't get to ride the canoe when he wanted to. Tough life!
Kjerstin, Emma and Lori
Daniel much happier after chillin' in this raft
Funny Katers
The kids working on their bags
The group that was brave enough to play in the very cold water. Riley, McKenna, Caden, Troy, Chante, Landon and Kjerstin. Jason got in too, he's just not pictured (hey, I had to give you credit!) :)
I did actually take kids around a lot on the paddle boat, but I was perfectly content sitting on the dock and relaxing!
Daniel, Richard and Lori

Addi, Emma and Grace- such sweet little girls!
I always love doing face painting for the kids!

We always do a pinata to celebrate Landon, Daniel and Cadens birthday. This year we had 2 - the robot and one made from paper grocery bags and duct tape. This is really the only picture I got!
I just liked this picture of the girls and Richard!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My little fishies

We always have so much fun at the pool and it totally makes our whole summer. I love that we live a block away from it and that my kids are old enough to go by themselves. Since the pool is in our neighborhood we always find friends there. I love watching them play and sitting on the edge to work on my tan. Kate taught herself to swim this summer and people have asked me about what kind of swimming lessons she had. None! We just go to the pool almost every day!

Daniel jumping off the high dive
Landons high dive jump
They are making improvements to the pool...this year we got these cool aqua climbing walls and the kids love them. Next year will be a new waterslide and an additional leisure pool.
Emma and her best friend Shiloh

Here is the video of my little fishy Kate! I love it!