Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lehi Round-up Week

This week was round up week in Lehi and we tried to attend some of the many activities that were going on. We didn't get tickets to the famous rodeo, but we still had fun at the things we did do. I took the kids to the Hutchings Museum and watched a "Birds of Prey" show. (I always remember how much I loved the Birds of Prey assembly when I was in elementary school.) It was really cool! We went to a family BBQ at Wines Park and played on jumpy toys. We went to to Stock Parade on Thursday, which we estimated to have about 200 horses. Its a fun, short parade that we always enjoy. Richard told Emma to wave to all the "Cow Princesses"....I told him I'm pretty sure they're "Rodeo Queens". She loved all the beautiful girls on horses and floats. Saturday we went to the Big Parade that lasted over 2 hours and had a fun time. We all have lovely sunburns to prove it. We also went over to the pool a few times during the week. We love Lehi and Round Up Week! Daniel and Emma got all decked out in cowboy gear- completely on their own.
For this parade we had a nice, shady spot.
The BIG parade. We brought and ate many, many otter pops!
The kids got lots of candy and sun!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Holy Robins.....Batman!

A few weeks ago we noticed a little bird nest outside our bathroom window. It had three beatiful blue eggs in it. (I wish we had taken a picture of the eggs because they were so pretty.) A few days ago the eggs hatched and we have a nest full of baby robins. We check on them multiple times a day- or at least every time we go to the bathroom. First thing in the morning the kids run in to see them. They are really quite ugly and all they do is sleep, eat and chirp itty, bitty chirps. Yesterday I asked Richard if he thought they just pooped in the nest. Of course they do, he said. Where else would they go? But yet their nest is so clean. So while I was watching them, mama robin brought them a worm and as they were eating it, little white balls came out of their other end. Birdy butts, if you will. The mama immediately snatched them up in her beak and flew away with them. I was intruiged and called Richard to tell him what had happened. He looked it up on the internet and read me an article. Here is what we found out. The baby birds only live in the nest for about 13 days. The mamas job is to constantly feed them and clean up after them. Those little white balls are actually fecal sacks and every time they eat they poop in what is basically a little, tiny birdy disposable diaper! The mother takes them away and either eats them or drops them somewhere. Amazing! I've seen it happen now 2 or 3 times and I think it is just crazy! Here are some pictures of what we see outside our window. The baby birds are sleeping. But they must have thought Richard was their mother when he climbed up the ladder and made sounds of a dying worm in the mouth of a mama robin. As you can see, they woke up and were crazy ready to eat!!
Look at that amazing color and those huge mouths! Ooooh, they just loved the big, juicy worm Richard fed them straight from his own mouth!
Here is aother angle of them. They only just opened their eyes a day or so ago. We'll keep a close watch on them until they make their way out into the world. There may be more pictures too come along with fascinating information. Aren't you happy you learned something new today. Did anyone already know that? I find it quite interesting. Today two of the birdies got the same worm in their mouth and were fighting over it. They were connected by this long worm down each of their throats. The mama watched them for about 10 seconds and flew off. I think she was waiting for a diaper deposit, but those silly babies were too busy fighting. Sometimes it would be nice to fly away for a while.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Emma the beautiful songbird

On Saturday Emma had her ballet performance. She was a songbird in the production (and holy cow, quite the production) of Sleeping Beauty. She's in the Academy of Ballet and they did the full on, entire ballet! Emmas little class was just a small part, but definately the cutest. She was darling! She saw a ballet performance a year or so ago and the littlest girls had their dads help them off the stage and give them a flower. Ever since then Emma has said, "When I'm bigger and I dance on a stage my dad will give me flowers, huh?" So she was thrilled to recieve her very own special flowers and she displayed them proudly on her dresser the minute we got home! It was so fun to get her all dressed up and do her hair and make-up. We both loved it!
Grandma and Grandpa McAllister came up to see the show!
Landon and Daniel were so cute to tell her what a good job she did and how pretty she looked.
Flowers from Daddy!
I just love this picture to pieces. It is so stinkin' cute!

Friday, June 20, 2008

It's A.....

We had our ultrasound today and its most definately a girl!!! My kids were thrilled because that's what they were all hoping for. Everything looks good and the due date is still estimated to be Nov. 1 or Oct. 31. I'm not exactly pulling for a Halloween baby, but we'll be happy whenever she decides to come! I asked the kids what they would name her if they had to name her today.
Daniel piped up first without hesitation- Violet.
Emma was next and said- Flower.
Landon couldn't think of one, so he settled on- Hermione.
Anyhow, we are thrilled to even up the girls and boys in our family. The pictures we got from the ultrasound were'nt very easy to decipher anyway, so I chose not to try to post them. We'll just wait until she's here on the outside!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gateway Fun

We had a fun time at the Gateway on Saturday. The kids had a blast in the fountain and loved watching uncle Jake perform and pass out his business cards. (They felt really cool). We looked at all the amazing chalk art and treated ourselves to ice cream at Ben and Jerrys. It was fun to see you there Katie, Terumi and Irwins!

This is earlier in the week at Thanksgiving Point. We used to go there all the time and it had been quite a while. The kids enjoyed it and it was fun to see all the animals at Farm Country.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Jake!

Saturday is Jakes birthday and he will be singing at The Gateway. We are excited to go see him and I have been meaning to put his website on my blog for any one who is interested. He has got some serious talent and is quite amazing- we really love his music! Check it out if you have a minute!
Also, since many of you have heard the famous birth of Jake story, I decided to include this poem that my dad wrote the day Jake was born. I still have pretty vivid memories of that summer morning, even though I was only 6. I hope you enjoy the poem....I am quoting it from memory, so I hope I get all the words right. (Sorry if I mess up, Dad)

The Birth of Jacob Hague
June 14, 1983
This morning at six as I rolled out of bed,
My sweetheart said, "Hurry, dear, now get yourself fed
The baby is coming, I know that for sure,
Let's relax, I know Kevin, I can easily endure."
So off to the shower I flew like a flash,
But while I was in there Judy started to crash
I jumped from the shower and much to my surprise
Judy said, "Dear, its coming! I tell you no lies!"
I got onto the floor and held on to his head
And pulled him out slowly, he was cute and quite red
He looked so surprised in his birthday suit new,
My surprise was, I was in my birthday suit too!
I'd forgotten to dress upon leaving the shower
I was standing there nude in my glory and power!
But then came a thought which did settle my fear,
Big deal! Birthdays come only once every year!
I'm grateful to God for this sweet little guy
I'm proud and so happy I think I could fly
There's no greater joy on the face of the earth
Than the blessing of love and the miracle of birth

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fun with the Hague Family

We had a fun time on Saturday with my family. We spent the morning miniature golfing at Mulligan's and then went to Mom and Dads for a yummy BBQ and some hangin' out. The big boys played some basketball and the mommies went shopping at Tai Pan. It's a fun little summer kick off tradition that we started last year and my kids really looked forward to it! Thanks Mom and Dad!

P.S. I had an appointment today and my ultrasound is scheduled for June 20th! I'm sooooo
Landon and Grandpa having a good time on the course
Grandma with Landon, Daniel and cousin Carter
Hailey, Emma, Daniel, Landon, Carter and Connor
Daniel and Connor just couldn't resist playing in the water hazards
The whole family together- I told you we'd be in the sun mom.:)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The gagging woes of a pregnant mother

I really don't get too sick when I am pregnant, besides a few icky days now and then. However, I have a terrible gag reflex and gag about 20 times a day over various things that really aren't that bad. There are some things that I just really can't handle, like cleaning out moldy leftovers in the fridge, toileting "issues" and throw up.
A couple weeks ago the toilet needed some serious plunging and as I tried, I could not stop gagging. Emma was watching nervously, just waiting for me to lose it. I just couldn't take it and I had to run into the other bathroom to throw up. As I was in there I heard the other toilet flush and thought, "well, I'm sure that will overflow and I'll have an even bigger mess!" I yelled to Emma, "Did you just flush that toilet?!?" She came around the corner and said, "Yeah, but I plunged it first and everything went down!" Oh, my sweet three year old saved the day!
Then today Landon is sick. He doesn't have a fever, but a really sour stomach and so I stayed home from Sacrament with him and Richard will come trade me. Well, Landon started throwing up in his bowl (a lot) and I came over to rub his back and tell him it was OK. But of course, I couldn't stop gagging. I was holding a blanket over my mouth and trying to comfort him. Even while the poor kid was throwing up he could see that I was having a hard time. Right in the middle of it all he said, "I got it mom, you go to the toilet." Poor, sweet kid. I ran in and threw up too. This happened again a few minutes later. Moms are supposed to comfort their kids, not empathize by joining in! I felt so bad. I'm sure glad I have understanding kids who love me even when I am a pathetic gagging fool!