Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Holy Robins.....Batman!

A few weeks ago we noticed a little bird nest outside our bathroom window. It had three beatiful blue eggs in it. (I wish we had taken a picture of the eggs because they were so pretty.) A few days ago the eggs hatched and we have a nest full of baby robins. We check on them multiple times a day- or at least every time we go to the bathroom. First thing in the morning the kids run in to see them. They are really quite ugly and all they do is sleep, eat and chirp itty, bitty chirps. Yesterday I asked Richard if he thought they just pooped in the nest. Of course they do, he said. Where else would they go? But yet their nest is so clean. So while I was watching them, mama robin brought them a worm and as they were eating it, little white balls came out of their other end. Birdy butts, if you will. The mama immediately snatched them up in her beak and flew away with them. I was intruiged and called Richard to tell him what had happened. He looked it up on the internet and read me an article. Here is what we found out. The baby birds only live in the nest for about 13 days. The mamas job is to constantly feed them and clean up after them. Those little white balls are actually fecal sacks and every time they eat they poop in what is basically a little, tiny birdy disposable diaper! The mother takes them away and either eats them or drops them somewhere. Amazing! I've seen it happen now 2 or 3 times and I think it is just crazy! Here are some pictures of what we see outside our window. The baby birds are sleeping. But they must have thought Richard was their mother when he climbed up the ladder and made sounds of a dying worm in the mouth of a mama robin. As you can see, they woke up and were crazy ready to eat!!
Look at that amazing color and those huge mouths! Ooooh, they just loved the big, juicy worm Richard fed them straight from his own mouth!
Here is aother angle of them. They only just opened their eyes a day or so ago. We'll keep a close watch on them until they make their way out into the world. There may be more pictures too come along with fascinating information. Aren't you happy you learned something new today. Did anyone already know that? I find it quite interesting. Today two of the birdies got the same worm in their mouth and were fighting over it. They were connected by this long worm down each of their throats. The mama watched them for about 10 seconds and flew off. I think she was waiting for a diaper deposit, but those silly babies were too busy fighting. Sometimes it would be nice to fly away for a while.


Layne said...

What cool pictures! I had no idea that robins were so clean. Good for them and their little fecal sacs.

Jill said...

That is really cool! It's so fun that you get to see nature first hand and up close!

I think we should take our babies diapers out..(by mouth) and either eat them or drop

Bamamoma said...

Ooh, I'm so glad you guys got a new camera after the swimming pool fiasco - it would have been sad, sad to have missed those cool pictures.

Wrens don't clean up after themselves quite like robins. Do you want to change nests for a while?

Michelle said...

That is so AMAZING. I wish I had a Robin nest to look at everytime I go potty:)

Heather Pearce, Live More Now said...

Jenny - you are hilarious. I loved the picture of the open mouths. that must be how you feel with your little ones sometimes. I miss you and hope you are doing great!! love "spying" on you after midnight!! a little bit weird, but fun. xoxo heather