Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Jake!

Saturday is Jakes birthday and he will be singing at The Gateway. We are excited to go see him and I have been meaning to put his website on my blog for any one who is interested. He has got some serious talent and is quite amazing- we really love his music! Check it out if you have a minute!
Also, since many of you have heard the famous birth of Jake story, I decided to include this poem that my dad wrote the day Jake was born. I still have pretty vivid memories of that summer morning, even though I was only 6. I hope you enjoy the poem....I am quoting it from memory, so I hope I get all the words right. (Sorry if I mess up, Dad)

The Birth of Jacob Hague
June 14, 1983
This morning at six as I rolled out of bed,
My sweetheart said, "Hurry, dear, now get yourself fed
The baby is coming, I know that for sure,
Let's relax, I know Kevin, I can easily endure."
So off to the shower I flew like a flash,
But while I was in there Judy started to crash
I jumped from the shower and much to my surprise
Judy said, "Dear, its coming! I tell you no lies!"
I got onto the floor and held on to his head
And pulled him out slowly, he was cute and quite red
He looked so surprised in his birthday suit new,
My surprise was, I was in my birthday suit too!
I'd forgotten to dress upon leaving the shower
I was standing there nude in my glory and power!
But then came a thought which did settle my fear,
Big deal! Birthdays come only once every year!
I'm grateful to God for this sweet little guy
I'm proud and so happy I think I could fly
There's no greater joy on the face of the earth
Than the blessing of love and the miracle of birth


Layne said...

Ah, what a great story. I'm laughing to myself just remembering it.

Mindy said...

It was fun to look at Jake's website and hear some of his new music! He's so good! It looks like he's got a bunch of shows lined up- that's awesome!
I also love that story! Soooo funny!