Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lehi Round-up Week

This week was round up week in Lehi and we tried to attend some of the many activities that were going on. We didn't get tickets to the famous rodeo, but we still had fun at the things we did do. I took the kids to the Hutchings Museum and watched a "Birds of Prey" show. (I always remember how much I loved the Birds of Prey assembly when I was in elementary school.) It was really cool! We went to a family BBQ at Wines Park and played on jumpy toys. We went to to Stock Parade on Thursday, which we estimated to have about 200 horses. Its a fun, short parade that we always enjoy. Richard told Emma to wave to all the "Cow Princesses"....I told him I'm pretty sure they're "Rodeo Queens". She loved all the beautiful girls on horses and floats. Saturday we went to the Big Parade that lasted over 2 hours and had a fun time. We all have lovely sunburns to prove it. We also went over to the pool a few times during the week. We love Lehi and Round Up Week! Daniel and Emma got all decked out in cowboy gear- completely on their own.
For this parade we had a nice, shady spot.
The BIG parade. We brought and ate many, many otter pops!
The kids got lots of candy and sun!