Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We got back from our wonderful vacation on Sunday. Before my Mom died she told my Dad she wanted to give each of her kids some of the life insurance money. We decided to spend ours making family memories. I felt like it was something she would have loved us to do and the memories I made with my parents and siblings on family vacations are some of my most treasured. So I really felt like this trip was a "gift" from my Mom. We stayed the first night in St. George and did 4 days at Disneyland with a beach day in the middle. We also went to Medieval Times on our beach day. Its a dinner show with horses, knights, jousting, fighting, etc. and the kids loved it! It was overcast, cool and rainy most of the time, but that didn't stop us from having a great time! We drove the whole way home on Saturday- holy cow! I didn't think we could do the drive all in one day, but we did and we all survived! We had a great time and loved being together. Here are picture highlights of our trip, even though many moments were not captured in pictures- like the ferris wheel at California Adventure where Daniel was in tears, convinced we were going to die, Emma was also crying and Landon was nervous (scared) laughing. All I could do was laugh so hard- it was seriously hilarious! And now we are back to real life! Not nearly as much fun!

Disneyland is so cute at Halloween time!
The boys on Pirates
The girls on Pirates
Kate loves princesses and since Tiana's line was short we decided to take the photo opportunity!
The happiest place on earth!
Kate was holding on to Richard very tight, and I love Richards face- what a great Daddy!
Teacups- the kids loved to spin. The parents, not so much.
I love Richards face in this!
.......and this!
No spinning for me! Blugh!
Our cold, but still fun, day at the beach. It was only like 62 degrees!
Kate thought it was great!
Funny Dan man!

Feed the birds, tuppence a bag
The birds were literally eating out of our hands
Medieval Times- the kids loved it!
Getting ready for the yummy dinner and show

Why buy a hat when you can just try one on and take a picture!
Kate loved all the characters!
I love Disneyland ice cream! My favorite is the chocolate covered bananas, and the Tiki Room Dole pineapple soft serve! Num!
California adventure- I love that Landon is on the phone trying to find Richard.
Toy Story was a great new ride and we loved it!

Richard likes to call this picture Mickey Mouth
"L" for Landon
"L" is for Danie"l"
"A" is for Emm"a"
The last time I took a picture here was with my Mom
Happy Disney Halloween

Friday, October 15, 2010

Yes, we're Harry Potter nerds and proud of it!

Do you realize that the 1st part of the 7th movie is out in a month??!! I am so dang excited! We have been watching all of the first 6 movies over the past month- so fun! Last night we were watching "Order of the Phoenix" (#5) and Daniel said, "Isn't sending owls exactly like texting?" He's so funny!

Huff's, we hope you are having fun in Florida at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter- how awesome!
We are leaving tomorrow for our Disneyland vacation! Yipee!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A riddle

Daniel's class worked on riddles yesterday. He had to make one up himself, and here it is:

This comes in a bottle.
You buy it.
You can find it in Albertson's.
Kids want it, but they can't have it.
Parents have it all the time.
A red label.

Yeah, I'm a good Mom. I do drink (diet) Coke all the time, but I never let my kids have it!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


This week marked the passing of my beautiful Mother. She passed away on October 7th last year. It's hard to believe that it's been a year. I spent the day Thursday reliving every moment and detail of the day last year. Time is such a strange thing- it seems like she's been gone for such a long time, and yet, as we all went to the cemetary yesterday we all said it felt like we were just there for her funeral. My family (minus Richard, who had a show in Arizona) went to her grave yesterday and had a family prayer. We went back to my Dad's and had a dinner in honor of Mom- cold cereal. That was her favorite thing to eat! I made sweet rolls, which she loved to make in the fall and we also had bananas and oranges- another favorite of Mom's. Then we watched clips from the autobiography video she made a few years ago. We listened to her tell funny stories and heard her wonderful laugh. Then we watched the DVD of pictures and music that I had made for the funeral. It is a great DVD, but you just can't watch it without crying. We were all crying and Kate looked up at everyone crying and looked very confused, like, "I guess I should be crying too." She got a tissue and patted her eyes and cried the funniest fake cry ever. So cute! It was wonderful to be together and think about Mom. I'm so glad that families are forever, and even though it is so hard for me to understand and accept, I do know that we will see her again and it will seem as though we were never apart.

All the kids just rushed into Grandpas arms after the prayer. They all love him so much and he is so wonderful.
My Dad always takes such care to pick out things for Mom. She would have loved this fall wreath.
The five granddaughters
The five grandsons

One year ago
The Kevin and Judy Hague family

Monday, October 4, 2010

Little Miss Emma turns 6

We celebrated Emma's happy birthday on Friday, October 1. She is such a joy to have in our family. She is always so obedient and because of that, she and I got to have a special date last week to go see "Ramona and Beezus", which she loved! She seems like she is so much older than 6 and is so mature and knows exactly what she wants. She is a great help with whatever we ask her to do and is a wonderful older sister to Kate. She loves to play the piano and is doing amazing! (I don't think I could play as well as her at age 6!) We love her so much and are so happy that she could have such a special day!

Modeling her new outfit and her Littlest Pet Shop house- she could play with them for hours. Fortunately, so can Daniel, and they play LPS so great together!
Part of Emma's party was spent painting faces and nails. Here are Hailey, Hallie, Sydney (she's 10- not freakishly tall!) and Madeline.

Emma was so happy that her cousins who live far away were able to come- thanks, Emily for driving the girls down! Emma and cousin Gracie.
The girls decorating cupcakes. The weather was so nice and it was so great to have the party outside!
She was okay with a cupcake to blow out instead of an actual cake. (Truthfully, I forgot about a cake!)
She loved dinner at Chili's and felt extra special when she got this free frosty chocolate shake and got sung to. She MADE me tell the waitress it was her birthday!
And, of course, Grandpa Kevin! He came for the last part of her party to "participate", which Emma loved! Then he joined us for dinner and took Emma birthday shopping after. She had a great time with him, and her birthday wouldn't have been complete without him! Thanks Dad!