Sunday, October 10, 2010


This week marked the passing of my beautiful Mother. She passed away on October 7th last year. It's hard to believe that it's been a year. I spent the day Thursday reliving every moment and detail of the day last year. Time is such a strange thing- it seems like she's been gone for such a long time, and yet, as we all went to the cemetary yesterday we all said it felt like we were just there for her funeral. My family (minus Richard, who had a show in Arizona) went to her grave yesterday and had a family prayer. We went back to my Dad's and had a dinner in honor of Mom- cold cereal. That was her favorite thing to eat! I made sweet rolls, which she loved to make in the fall and we also had bananas and oranges- another favorite of Mom's. Then we watched clips from the autobiography video she made a few years ago. We listened to her tell funny stories and heard her wonderful laugh. Then we watched the DVD of pictures and music that I had made for the funeral. It is a great DVD, but you just can't watch it without crying. We were all crying and Kate looked up at everyone crying and looked very confused, like, "I guess I should be crying too." She got a tissue and patted her eyes and cried the funniest fake cry ever. So cute! It was wonderful to be together and think about Mom. I'm so glad that families are forever, and even though it is so hard for me to understand and accept, I do know that we will see her again and it will seem as though we were never apart.

All the kids just rushed into Grandpas arms after the prayer. They all love him so much and he is so wonderful.
My Dad always takes such care to pick out things for Mom. She would have loved this fall wreath.
The five granddaughters
The five grandsons

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Rod and Jessica said...

Thinking of you and your beautiful family with lots of love today. You do your mom great honor with the way you remember her and keep her spirit alive. I love that your kids see you be so real about all of it. I'm sure it helps them feel her around them too. Thanks for always sharing such tender moments, and for keeping things in perspective!

Heather said...

It really was a special day. It was full of so many wonderful emotions. I loved listening to her funny stories and watching her talk with her hands the way that she used to. It was hard to watch the music video, but it felt good to cry. I loved how the grandkids just knew every time when Dad needed a hug. I'd like to think that mom was whispering in their ears to go love grandpa.
Can't wait to see you on Saturday. Love you so much.

Daisy Chick said...

What a beautiful post and a great honor to your amazing Mom. It looks like you had a good day with your family, I am so glad. I know your Mom is proud of you and the great example you are. Love you.

Emilee Porter said...

What a wonderful day! How very special. Glad that you could all share it together.

Karen and Joe said...

What a beautiful post---I'm glad you decided to do one.
You are an amazing woman Jenny, just like your Mother. What a wonderful way to come together and share in her spirit. She will always be with all of you, each and every minute of each and every day.

Katie said...

I thought about you all week. You are so strong and your testimony shines. You are a great example of faith and courage to me- as is your whole family. What a great tribute to your mother!

Julianne said...

Thanks for sharing, Jen. What a special day you must have had. That's a cute story about Kate. What a sweetie! I thought of you last week...Love you so much!

Kara Simmons. said...

What a beautiful family you guys have. So cute how you guys had cold cereal! I love hearing about the wonderful woman your mom is through your and Heather's blogs.
Have so much fun in Disneyland! It is decorated so stinkin cute. I am sure your kids will have a blast.