Friday, May 21, 2010

This little light of mine

This week was Landon's choir concert, Emma's preschool graduation and the school dance festival (each grade learns a different dance and performs it). Of course there were other things like piano lessons, baseball games, pack meeting, homework, whew! The last two weeks of school always seems so packed! Anyways, Landon's choir concert was on Tuesday and he had two solos (he had to audition for them) and I couldn't wait to hear him. As soon as the kids started singing the first song "This Little Light of Mine" I started bawling. I cried the whole dang time! Landon belted out his solo and was perfect! I was just so proud of Landon and there are lots of kids in our ward in the choir and they were all singing their little hearts out! The principal is the choir teacher and she does an amazing job. Landon's favorite was "Carrying the Banner" from Newsies (one of his solos) and "Wells Fargo Wagon" (another solo). They were singing tough music and harmony and I was just so impressed. I hope Mrs. Johnson stays there until Kate makes it through elementary so that all my kids can be in her wonderful choir!

Here he is in his choir shirt. The boys had navy blue and girls had hot pink. It was super cute. For his dance fesitval song the 4th grade did "You Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog" and he had to dress up like a 50's dude. He also had to do the dance in front of the whole 4th grade when they were learning the moves as an example of how to really shimmy!
Our little graduate. Miss Emma Jae graduates from Tina's Tots Preschool. She was the only kid that had to duck under this big letter "P" because she is a head taller than all the others.

Daniel also did an awesome job at the dance festival. His grade did the Charleston and he was adorable! I forgot my camera, but we sure are proud of him too!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I am truly blessed to be the mother of these wonderful children. They are each so special and I love them all for different reasons. They brighten my life and I am so honored to have the blessing of being their mother. Admittedly, some days feel like I am barely able to keep my head above water, and some days I feel like I want to escape for a few hours. But I would never trade the hugs and kisses, the talks and laughs, the learning and the growing. I love these kids and their love for me is worth more than anything I could ever ask for. I am also so very blessed to have had a mother who was the perfect example to me. I wish that I could be more like her. I know that she can see me as I raise my children and I am so thankful for her influence and her love. Although the time I spent with her will never be enough, I am grateful that every moment we did spend was to the fullest. I would not be the mother I am if it were not for her perfect example. Happy belated Mothers Day!

My sweet Emma Jae
Funny, loving Dan Man
Wonderful Landon (who is almost as big as me and I still made him sit on my lap!)
Sunshine baby Kate
Our family.....and Elmo.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A great day for a race

We had a lot of fun at the race today. Richard and I didn't really run like everyone else, but we had fun and think that we might just make this a tradition. I was glad we didn't have the kids with us today, but if we do it again I think it would be really fun to make it a family event. I had no idea what a big event this is! Over 18,000 people ran and I just couldn't believe how many people there were. Sometimes we feel so alone, like we are the only ones who have lost their mother or wife, like we are the only ones who are going through this, like no one could possibly understand what we are feeling. All those people there today have lost someone they love. Cancer really does suck! We had a fabulous breakfast at the Little America buffet afterwards! Thanks again, Michelle, for planning this all- it was wonderful!

Jenny, Dad and Michelle
This is what our t-shirts said. We love this quote- it is so true.
If you can zoom in this picture, just look at that sea of people! Amazing!

Michelle, Jenny, Tiffany, Kelli and Jenny
Michelle and Tiffany got us all sorts of free stuff, including these awesome shoelaces.
Dave, Jenny and Jon