Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My baby is one year old!

I can't believe my sweet baby is already one! (Her birthday was on the 27th) She is such a darling little thing and we love her so much! She makes us all so happy and gives such sweet little hugs and kisses. Happy Birthday Kater baby!
Loving the baby doll Grandpa Kevin gave her!
If you look closely you will see why I am making the face I am....Kate got a little too close to the flame and her bangs got singed!!! I was watching them get singed right when the picture was taken!
This is her cute little peek-a-boo face. She is wearing this darling outfit from Grandma McAllister.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jake and Traci Hague!

Jake and Traci got married on Saturday. Remember, they had moved their wedding up 2 months so my Mom could make it to the wedding. They had lots of planning to do in little time, but it all came together and it ended up being a beautiful day. The temple was very special and my Moms sweet spirit was so strong. There is no doubt she was there. Jake and Traci make such a darling couple and we are so very happy for them. I don't think I have ever seen a bride cry as much as Traci did. She is so cute! Congratulations Jake and Traci!

Jake is a happy, happy man!
Landon, Connor, Carter, Parker and Daniel
Such a beautiful couple!
Our cute kids. Right after this shot Kate slipped right out of Emmas arms- slippery little dress!
Ooops! I guess I forgot to turn this one!
Grandpa Kevin with Emma and Hailey. I just love this picture.
Me with my cute kids outside of the Conference Center.
Beautiful baby Kate.
This is a blurry picture, but oh so cute of the kids. The had a blast dancing the night away at the reception. We all had a fun time dancing and partying!
They had a really cool cupcake cake!

Friday, October 23, 2009

South Carolina

Last weekend we took a great trip to South Carolina with Voice Male and all the wives. John Luthy lives there and they did a couple of shows on Saturday night. It was so nice to "escape" life for a few days and enjoy good times! Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa McAllister (and Lori) for taking the older kids, and to Michelle and Dave for taking Kate. Here are a few pictures from our trip.
The beach was cold, but the water was quite warm! This is at Isle of Palms.
My cute honey!

Keslers, Luthys, Huffs, McAllisters and Mike (Jill was taking the picture)

A view of the beach homes- see the bright colors!

This is a very cool suspension bridge that was up in the clouds.

The Luthys beautiful home in Camden.

Here we are at Fort Sumter- I think.

There were beautiful trees with all sorts of vegetation growing on them.

These houses are so old and beautiful- we thought this one looks like the Haunted House at Disneyland.

Richard, the human cannon ball.

Voice Male sang at the Childrens Hospital in Charleston.

Enjoying the dinner cruise, despite the look on the Willsons faces.

I'm so glad I have a husband who likes to dance! We had fun dancing on the cruise- and I didn't even get sick! The other dance highlight was Mike Bearden dancing to "Play that Funky Music White Boy". Boy, is he funky- and hilarious. I don't know of any other guy that can pull off that kind of movement and do the splits and not end up with serious pain.

Phil and Heidi- our dinner buddies.

This is the boat we took on the cruise.

Another cool view of the bridge and a cannon and some random guy.

We had a lot of fun- thank you Voice Male! My only regret is that I did not purchase skinny jeans and boots. Maybe that will have to be my Christmas present to myself! Now where and when is our next trip?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Special Pictures

All photos courtesy of Heather Pearce Photography.
Please leave me a comment if you cannot view these photos.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Missing Mom....

I still can't believe she's gone. She's been gone for a week now and it still seems like she's just gone on vacation and she'll be back soon. My sister Heather and sister-in-law Michelle and I had the honor of dressing Mom and doing her make-up. She looked absolutely beautiful when we were done with her. She just looked like she was sleeping and looked as if she could open her eyes at any moment. The kids didn't see her until Saturday before the funeral. The kids handled it all very well, and I really didn't think Kate would know what was going on. But I took her to the casket anyway and showed her Grandma. Kate immediately lunged forward and reached out her arms, just like she would when Grandma was alive- she wanted her to hold her. When Grandma didn't respond, Kate gently and tenderly put her head on my shoulder. Then she did the same to Richard. She looked at Grandma again and reached out and then rubbed her chest- the sign for "please". It was so precious. Richard and I were bawling. She probably knows more than I ever thought she could. This picture is so special. I love my Dad and siblings so much and as my brother said in his talk, it was truly an honor to sing with them and be with them that entire week. We strengthened eachother and I am so grateful for the love we share. David and I spoke at the funeral, along with 2 of her dear friends. The grandkids sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" and children and spouses sang "Be Still My Soul". It was indeed a beautiful day. Mom, we miss you more than words can express.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A bitter sweet day

Our Father in Heaven responding to our fasting and prayers allowed the release of one of his most perfect spirits from her mortal shell. We will feel and see her love and influence on us for the rest of our lives.

Viewing will be held Friday October 9th from 6:00-8:00 pm and Saturday morning October 1oth from 11:00 -12:15 pm.
Funeral services 12:30pm
9894 S. 2700 W. (Note- Changed address from first post)
South Jordan, Utah

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sweet Emma Jae turns 5!

So cake decorating is not one of my talents. At least it tasted good!

Dinner at Chili's where Emma ate two favorite dishes- mac 'n cheese and mashed potatoes and gravy. I love Kates smile in this picture- she's so funny!
Happy birthday to our little girl who is so grown up! We love Emma so much and she is such a joy to be around. I genuinely enjoy hanging out with her...she is my special girl and my special friend! Sometimes I have to remind myself that she is only 5 because she acts so much older all the time. We are so glad she is a part of our family and she had a fun and happy birthday! (The pictures are out of order but my computer is frustrating me today. Oh well.)

She is really into this Littlest Pet Shop stuff and had her eye on this set from Costco for weeks! She also got a new bike (Kid to Kid- love it!) a few weeks ago as an early present!
Emma chose to get her ears pierced instead of a party this year. She was so excited, not one bit nervous and didn't shed a tear. She was SO happy! Her friend Sydney came with us and got her ears pierced too!

I love the look on her face- she was so pleased!