Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back on track

I have really neglected my blog lately. Maybe it's because there hasn't been too much going on. Just the usual business and life! We've been going to lots of basketball games and practices. Richard is coaching Landon's team this year and I'm so glad. He has really done a great job and it has meant so much to Landon. I think my next post will be a little update on each of my kids. But for this post, I just want to catch up a little bit and post the few pictures I do have on my camera. I have really been terrible. So here goes.

For Presidents Day we went down to the cabin and played in the snow. It was a beautiful day and the fresh powder made for a really awesome sled run. It was more like a luge because we would really go up the sides with each curve. Since we have snowmobiles our kids have never had to climb back up a hill after sledding. Richard comes and ties all the sleds together and pulls everyone back up the hill. It is really a great way to sled...especially with little ones! Landon, Daniel, Emma, McKenna, Kjerstin and Troy snowshoed into the cabin and broke nice trail.

Here we are being pulled back up the sled run.
Daniel had to rest for a while. He did a very painful looking cartwheel while snowboarding, but his head kind of stayed in the snow. It looked pretty bad and he ended up being okay, just really sore!
Kjerstin, Emma and Kate

Emma and Kjerstin at the top of the sled run

Richard to the rescue. He pretty much stays on the snowmobile the entire time shuttling everyone back and forth.
Daniel- just before the wreck
Landon and McKenna
Rewind a few weeks:

I had to post this. This was Landon's idea. He made the brownies and the goal posts. I did the frosting (not very well!) and printed off all the little players. If you enlarge the picture you will see I did 5 little players (double-sided!) for each team. They were super cute and Landon was really excited to take it to Grandpas for our superbowl party.
Rewind a week:
I made these Valentines for my family and they turned out so cute! They weren't too hard, but I made 10 and those little boxes do take time to put together. I just love them though!

Daniel is very creative and artistic. This is what we came up with for his Valentine box this year. He won in his class for "Most Creative" and I think it turned out pretty awesome! Do you get it? Me hearties? Drink up me hearties yo-ho!

That's it for now. This weekend we will be doing more snowmobiling, so I'll post pictures of that next week. Hopefully now I'll be better at blogging again!