Saturday, January 31, 2009


Wow! We just got back from Costco and I have never seen the madness such as it was today! They had "sample stations" set up in big squares with like 6 different samples per square. And you know how big the Costco samples are. People were literally stuffing one sample in their mouth so they could get the next one. It was quite funny. My kids were lovin' it! Anyhow, since this blog is titled "Random" here are some random things.

Landon told me today that his two most favorite things are chocolate covered strawberries and perfectly white shoes. (Not necessarily at the same time.)
I smiled as I watched him run his fingers through Emmas hair while we were in the car today.
Landon has decided that two fun activities for his next birthday party would be to have an A-1 steak sauce guzzling contest (Yes, he loves it that much) and to give everyone a brand new box of tissues and on the count of three see who can pull them out of the box, one by one, the fastest. Funny.

My four year old Emma has never tried a PB&J sandwich. I don't know why I have not forced her earlier to partake of this glorious childhood staple, but she has just never wanted to. I told her that one of her jobs this week was to taste one. She was not too excited about it. They had those Smuckers Uncrustables (ick) at Costco and I thought it would be a good sample. I literally had to force her to eat it. And what do you know! She loved it. Of course, my PB&J's are much better than Smuckers and she has been eating them happily for 3 days in a row. Plus, they're cute because I cut them with a heart cookie cutter. Our next mission will be to taste pizza. Thats right, she won't try that either!

I told you it was random today.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Colicky Kate

Yes, colicky. I know- woe is me. Exactly...woe is me! It started when she was about 6 weeks and I just kept thinking it was a "bad day" or a "bad night". Not so. The first 6 weeks she was actually pretty good. She slept a lot and even went for 6 or 7 hour stretches at night. Now she is up every two hours at night. She quickly eats, often poops (last night it was 2 blowouts in a row) and sometimes goes back to sleep. If she doesn't go right back to sleep I have to spend the next 45 minutes putting her binky back in her mouth until she finally falls asleep. Then its only about another hour before she gets up again. During the day I cannot get her to sleep in her bassinet. I let her sleep where ever it will work. The swing or the carseat are usually our best bets. But there have been some crying spells that will only end in sleep when I take her for a ride in the car. Usually her naps only last about 1/2 hour. Not an acceptable nap in my book. My other kids all had a schedule by this point and slept well during the day. (I'm actually OK with night wakings to feed when they are taking nice, long naps during the day.) She is not a great eater either. Some feedings she just screams and pushes away from me (even if I'm pretty sure she must be starving). It has been a huge frustration most of the time, but I've tried bottles and they are no better. What to do? All the books say most infants outgrow this by about 4 months. So I'm kindof hoping that maybe after another month things will get better. I've tried Mylicon and Colic tablets and Gripe Water. I can't really tell if they help or not. Today I set up her crib and am going to go buy a musical mobile that I'm hoping she will like. It is very tricky to get anything done around my house and even trickier to teach piano. The other day I had to just let her scream while I taught. Poor baby. I must say, though, she is as cute as can possibly be. When she is awake she loves to interact with everyone (for about 1/2 hour until she realizes how tired she is) and she has the sweetest, happiest smile that is just precious! Any thoughts or suggestions are certainly welcome! Thanks,

Mommy Zombie

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hard to resist

I found myself letting Emma make brownies today- even though we devoured a pan of brownies yesterday. She begged me to make brownies "together" and I just couldn't resist her (or the brownies). This happens quite often, and sometimes I really love it and sometimes it ends up being a struggle and she ends up in tears. For example:

Every time we go to Costco she wants a new dress. I caved and bought her one last week. C'mon, they're only $15 for beautiful dresses. I told her it could be her Easter dress and not to ask for one for Easter. Of course, she asked for another one the very next time we went to Costco.

Every time we go to Target she begs for a new shirt or new shoes because she genuinely thinks she "needs" them.

Every time we go to the mall (which, I have to admit, I am always willing to do when she asks because I love walking around the mall, even just to window shop and try on perfumes at Macys and lotions at Bath and Body Works) she wants to go to Claire's because she could really use another pair of clip-on earrings or a new necklace.

Every time we drive past Kid to Kid she asks if we can go there to just see if they have anything that she wants that "doesn't cost very much money."

Every time we go to Walmart she insists on another lip gloss or nail polish, because there's just no way she has anywhere near enough.

Often I find myself giving in to her because she is so darn cute and because its hard to resist all the cute little girl stuff out there. I have to tell her that she can't have a shirt every time we go to the store- even though I totally want to buy her one, and I would love a new shirt every time I go to the store! Sometimes she ends up crying over the things she wants so badly, but when we talk about it at home she understands. She really is a joy and I love to spend time with her. I'm always happy to give in to making things together or painting our nails together or playing Go Fish together or playing the piano while she dances. Those things are much more important than lip gloss anyway.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

St. George Girls

My mom, sister-in-law, Michelle, and Kate and I joined Heather in St. George this past weekend and had a wonderful time! We spent the time being together, shopping, eating, watching movies, playing Rummikub and enjoying the gorgeous weather. Thank you to all our husbands who took care of the kids so we could make it happen on such short notice! We left on Friday afternoon and Kate cried most of the way down. I have decided that she has colic- but thats another story. Anyway, we picked up Heather and got settled in and watched "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". The next day we went shopping and out to eat and drove to Snow Canyon. On Sunday we went to Heathers ward for sacrament mtg. but went back to Heathers kitchen for our own "Relief Society". Mom taught us the art of making perfect sweet rolls and we each made our own delicious batch. That afternoon we ate dinner OUTSIDE, people! It was 65 degrees and we were lovin' it! No wonder we didn't want to come back! Thanks Mom, for being Oprah and giving us all some spending money! We had such a great time together and it was so much fun! When can we do it again?

Kate loved having 4 mommies- so did I!

Two of the movies we watched "27 Dresses" and "Baby Mama" and my favorite indulgence. Frozen hot chocolate from Dairy Queen- a delicacy I thought they didn't make anymore. But apparently I was wrong! They still make them in St. George and it was most delicious!

We loved cruisin' with the sunroof down- beautiful weather!

Enjoying the perfect weather in Snow Canyon.

Heather and Mom.

You can never go wrong with Olive Garden!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

You want my autograph?

Yesterday a man called the house. How he got our number, I have no idea. Anyhow, he called and asked if we were the McAllisters of the group Voice Male. "Yes", I said. Well, he was given the HIMS II cd and just loves the song "Be Still My Soul" (which I happened to arrange). He is about 75 and has played the trumpet nearly all his life. He is having a special reunion in like a year and wants to play the song with his brass quintet. He wanted to buy the arrangement and I told him the book was available at Deseret Book or I happened to have a few copies at my home. So he drove to my house today to purchase the book and complimented me on my talents and asked if I would sign the inside cover of the book. Hee. I almost said, "really? Me?" but I just said "sure" and gave him my autograph. I guess I am a true "arteest". And for just a fraction of a second I felt famous.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Baby talk!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Katelyn's blessing

We blessed baby Kate yesterday. I had a little talk with Kate about not crying during the blessing and she did very well. However, the rest of the day she spent mostly crying. (Except when Aunt Michelle held her). She looked beautiful and we were so happy to share the day with so many people who love her!

Grandpa Kevin and Grandma Judy

Grandma and Grandpa McAllister

So sweet! I love baby bracelets and I love Richards hands!

Smiling up at daddy.

Pretty little Princess Kate!