Saturday, January 31, 2009


Wow! We just got back from Costco and I have never seen the madness such as it was today! They had "sample stations" set up in big squares with like 6 different samples per square. And you know how big the Costco samples are. People were literally stuffing one sample in their mouth so they could get the next one. It was quite funny. My kids were lovin' it! Anyhow, since this blog is titled "Random" here are some random things.

Landon told me today that his two most favorite things are chocolate covered strawberries and perfectly white shoes. (Not necessarily at the same time.)
I smiled as I watched him run his fingers through Emmas hair while we were in the car today.
Landon has decided that two fun activities for his next birthday party would be to have an A-1 steak sauce guzzling contest (Yes, he loves it that much) and to give everyone a brand new box of tissues and on the count of three see who can pull them out of the box, one by one, the fastest. Funny.

My four year old Emma has never tried a PB&J sandwich. I don't know why I have not forced her earlier to partake of this glorious childhood staple, but she has just never wanted to. I told her that one of her jobs this week was to taste one. She was not too excited about it. They had those Smuckers Uncrustables (ick) at Costco and I thought it would be a good sample. I literally had to force her to eat it. And what do you know! She loved it. Of course, my PB&J's are much better than Smuckers and she has been eating them happily for 3 days in a row. Plus, they're cute because I cut them with a heart cookie cutter. Our next mission will be to taste pizza. Thats right, she won't try that either!

I told you it was random today.


Jill said...

I enjoyed your Random post. I have to comment on Costco samples. I REFUSE to wait in line to get one. If there happens to be one avaliable as I'm passing by I'll get one, but for some reason I have too much pride to wait in a line for a little bite of food. Lol!

Katie said...

I went to Costco Sat. too and it was a nightmare!

LMN said...

oh my gosh, kids are too funny. I love it. Miss you, Jenny - hope all is well!!!