Monday, January 5, 2009

Katelyn's blessing

We blessed baby Kate yesterday. I had a little talk with Kate about not crying during the blessing and she did very well. However, the rest of the day she spent mostly crying. (Except when Aunt Michelle held her). She looked beautiful and we were so happy to share the day with so many people who love her!

Grandpa Kevin and Grandma Judy

Grandma and Grandpa McAllister

So sweet! I love baby bracelets and I love Richards hands!

Smiling up at daddy.

Pretty little Princess Kate!


Heather said...

What a beautiful baby girl! I'm sooo sorry we couldn't be there. I loved seeing the pictures though! She looked so pretty. I hope the day went well for you. I love you!

Bamamoma said...

She is beautiful! What an awesome smile. You look beautiful too. That is funny that you love Richard's hands ... I've always told Phil that his hands are my favorite feature of his.

Live More Now (LMN) said...


I've been thinking about you and your sweet family, Jenny. Miss you and love you, send all the best to your mom as well. She has been on my mind a lot.


Romney Family said...

Oh, Jenny, Kate is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! Your mom and dad look good in the picture. I hope they are doing better. Tell them "hello" from me.

Holly and Derek said...

What a special day and she is so darn cute! All of your kids are so cute!

Katie said...

So cute!