Monday, January 26, 2009

Hard to resist

I found myself letting Emma make brownies today- even though we devoured a pan of brownies yesterday. She begged me to make brownies "together" and I just couldn't resist her (or the brownies). This happens quite often, and sometimes I really love it and sometimes it ends up being a struggle and she ends up in tears. For example:

Every time we go to Costco she wants a new dress. I caved and bought her one last week. C'mon, they're only $15 for beautiful dresses. I told her it could be her Easter dress and not to ask for one for Easter. Of course, she asked for another one the very next time we went to Costco.

Every time we go to Target she begs for a new shirt or new shoes because she genuinely thinks she "needs" them.

Every time we go to the mall (which, I have to admit, I am always willing to do when she asks because I love walking around the mall, even just to window shop and try on perfumes at Macys and lotions at Bath and Body Works) she wants to go to Claire's because she could really use another pair of clip-on earrings or a new necklace.

Every time we drive past Kid to Kid she asks if we can go there to just see if they have anything that she wants that "doesn't cost very much money."

Every time we go to Walmart she insists on another lip gloss or nail polish, because there's just no way she has anywhere near enough.

Often I find myself giving in to her because she is so darn cute and because its hard to resist all the cute little girl stuff out there. I have to tell her that she can't have a shirt every time we go to the store- even though I totally want to buy her one, and I would love a new shirt every time I go to the store! Sometimes she ends up crying over the things she wants so badly, but when we talk about it at home she understands. She really is a joy and I love to spend time with her. I'm always happy to give in to making things together or painting our nails together or playing Go Fish together or playing the piano while she dances. Those things are much more important than lip gloss anyway.


Romney Family said...

I think I would have a hard time saying "no" to Emma too--she is adorable! She looks a lot like you except the dark hair, of course:) I have the same problem with my kids, and I also find myself giving into them more than I should. Oh well...What can you do when they are so darn cute?!? Making a batch of brownies with Mom (and being the first to try them) is WAY better than a new shirt anyway!

Lisa said...

It must be all girls... "want" is not a part of their vocabulary, but "need" is for sure!

She's so cute. She looks like Heather in this picture.

Jill said...

Just wait until Kate grows'll be out numbered with little princesses wanting princessy things. :-) You might also be broke! You are a great Mom. They are all lucky to have you.

Burt Family said...

I feel your pain, only x3! But I know how hard it can be to resist all the cute girl stuff they have out these days. I'm still wanting to back to Costco and get one of those 'easter' dresses for one of my 3 can't beat a deal like that for a dress!

Brittney said...

You have such a beautiful family! I can't believe you have 4 already! Good to know Aug 16th will be a good date. My first was born in July, so I must just be a summer baby lady. Hey, could you ask Heather to send me an invite to her blog? I'd love to see what she's up to. My e-mail is Thanks!

LMN said...

Yes, I can SEE why she is so hard to resist!! Probably JUST like you were! ;)