Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fun with the Hague Family

We had a fun time on Saturday with my family. We spent the morning miniature golfing at Mulligan's and then went to Mom and Dads for a yummy BBQ and some hangin' out. The big boys played some basketball and the mommies went shopping at Tai Pan. It's a fun little summer kick off tradition that we started last year and my kids really looked forward to it! Thanks Mom and Dad!

P.S. I had an appointment today and my ultrasound is scheduled for June 20th! I'm sooooo
Landon and Grandpa having a good time on the course
Grandma with Landon, Daniel and cousin Carter
Hailey, Emma, Daniel, Landon, Carter and Connor
Daniel and Connor just couldn't resist playing in the water hazards
The whole family together- I told you we'd be in the sun mom.:)


Mandy, Brant, Jaxon and Boston said...

I love your family! It is so good to see you all together! What a fun tradition!

Jill said...

I'm looking outside right now at the rain...your pictures made me feel happy and warm! :-)

Michelle said...

Good times, i love the shot of Connor and Daniel in the water...sooo cute!! See you on sunday!!

Mindy said...

Alyssa and I are sitting here reading your blog and Alyssa is begging to get together with your kids to play. We need to plan a family get together and a girls get together this summer for sure! Also, I can't wait to talk to you after your ultrasound. How exciting!