Sunday, June 1, 2008

The gagging woes of a pregnant mother

I really don't get too sick when I am pregnant, besides a few icky days now and then. However, I have a terrible gag reflex and gag about 20 times a day over various things that really aren't that bad. There are some things that I just really can't handle, like cleaning out moldy leftovers in the fridge, toileting "issues" and throw up.
A couple weeks ago the toilet needed some serious plunging and as I tried, I could not stop gagging. Emma was watching nervously, just waiting for me to lose it. I just couldn't take it and I had to run into the other bathroom to throw up. As I was in there I heard the other toilet flush and thought, "well, I'm sure that will overflow and I'll have an even bigger mess!" I yelled to Emma, "Did you just flush that toilet?!?" She came around the corner and said, "Yeah, but I plunged it first and everything went down!" Oh, my sweet three year old saved the day!
Then today Landon is sick. He doesn't have a fever, but a really sour stomach and so I stayed home from Sacrament with him and Richard will come trade me. Well, Landon started throwing up in his bowl (a lot) and I came over to rub his back and tell him it was OK. But of course, I couldn't stop gagging. I was holding a blanket over my mouth and trying to comfort him. Even while the poor kid was throwing up he could see that I was having a hard time. Right in the middle of it all he said, "I got it mom, you go to the toilet." Poor, sweet kid. I ran in and threw up too. This happened again a few minutes later. Moms are supposed to comfort their kids, not empathize by joining in! I felt so bad. I'm sure glad I have understanding kids who love me even when I am a pathetic gagging fool!


Michelle said...

I feel your pain. when I am with child, I to am a gagger. Hang in there!

Dave and I just watched Lost. I am still scratching my head. What the heck?

Bamamoma said...

what cute, sweet kids! when is your ultrasound?

Julianne said...

I was laughing so hard when I read this entry! I can just picture you during those episodes of gagging. Is it awful to be laughing? It's no fun, I know....because I'm there too! Number five is due in January!!!

Mindy said...

Oh Jenny, I'll never forget the many times I've seen you gag at things. You are so funny! I hope your pregnancy is going well. And Ju, if you happen to check this post, congrats on your big news! I'm assuming you've told your whole family, but I don't want to congratulate you on your blog just in case you haven't.