Friday, May 30, 2008

What time is it.....summertime!

My kids have sung the song from High School Musical II today. It's summertime and they have already been fighting mercilessly. Oh, it might be a long summer. Thank goodness for the outdoor pool that we love to go to. Now we just need the weather to warm up enough so we can actually go! Here are a few pics of the past week. Emma holding our new baby cousin, Logan.
Daniel wearing his Kindergarten graduation coffee filter hat.
I can't believe I have a child old enough to mow the lawn...and do a darn good job! He did the back last night and the front today- completely by himself!
Behold my ball of curious workmanship. It is the Liahona I made for our primary activity next Saturday.
I finally made pillows to go on the couches! I've bought the curtains, but can't put them up until I paint and I don't know when that will happen!


Michelle said...

I love the pillows, they look awesome. good job.

Emily McAllister said...

The pillows are so cute. I love the colors. You are so talented. I can't wait to come and see everything together. It looks great against the brown of your new couches. Awesome.

Mindy said...

Way to go on the pillows! They're cute! Emma looks so big holding her little baby cousin. It's crazy how big your "baby" looks all the sudden once you have a new baby join the family. That will be you soon!
And, I really can't believe that Landon is mowing the lawn! We can't possibly be old enough to have kids doing this! Crazy!