Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer is almost here.....really?

Poor Landon was so sad today because his field trip got cancelled because of this crazy weather. They were supposed to walk from the school to the fire station. I hope they did something else fun, because he was very disappointed and I felt so bad for him. Darn this weather!
Looking at our calendar for the next few weeks is quite crazy. I think once you have kids in school and other activities you really have to start planning. We are definately there, but it is really a fun time. I actually quite enjoy all the ceremonies and programs and graduations and concerts. I truly love watching my kids participate in things and be happy doing it. I love to see a sense of pride on their face for their accomplishments (even if it is something very small). I love catching their eye and having them smile, or wave, or give me a thumbs up and know that it means so much to them to see me there cheering them on. I'm excited to post pictures of my kids doing all these little things that take up so much time and planning but mean so much to them and to me.