Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Behold the couches

A while back I asked my mom to help me chose a color and style of slipcover for my out dated, 15 year old, hand me down, striped couches. She replied, "Oh, I can do way better than that!" D'ya think? I'm so thrilled about them. She did an amazing job (just like she does everything) and I just don't even know how to thank her for all her hard work! Now I just have to paint my living room and make pillows and window treatments to tie it all together!


Jill Bearden said...

ooo...those are georgeous! Are you telling me that those are slip covers???...or did your Mom buy you new couches? Either way they are beautiful! You are right...once you get something that nice, you have to buy more stuff to go with it...Ask your mom to "help you pick out window treatments" worked last time. :-)

Jenny said...

She fashioned her own slipcovers and has taken uphoulstry classes, so she sewed everything you see! Truly amazing!

Layne said...

Holy cow. Those look so awesome. Can I commission a slipcover for my couch from her? The last one ended so badly.