Monday, May 5, 2008

Teach your children well

I was finishing up sharing time in senior primary on Sunday and getting to the quiet, bear my testimony time, trying to get the kids settled down from our lightning round of scripture story trivia. One of the stories we covered was Noah and the ark (keep in mind this is Senior primary, that means 8 and older) and just as I started my concluding remarks, one of the 8 year olds blurted out the following. (He didn't really come to church much when he was younger so I really don't think he know the stories as well as maybe some of the other kids do.)

"Wait a second......if it rained for 40 days and 40 nights.......the whole earth would have been flooded!!"

A few little giggles (mostly from the teachers) happened and all I could say was. "Yep, that's exactly right!"


Bamamoma said...

I love stories about things kids say (particularly in primary). How cute.

Katie said...

An "Ah HAH" moment.

Jill Bearden said...

I didn't know you were in Primary...we could totally swap ideas/stories. :-)