Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I'm so behind on blogging. I have 2 family reunions to post about and today is Landon and Daniels birthday. I'll get around to catching up sometime! I just had to share this little funny of the day. This morning I had just gotten out of the shower and was putting on lotion, so of course I was nekked. Kate came strolling in the bathroom and here is our conversation:

Kate: What are those?
Me: Nipples. (It seemed like a better answer than boobies or breasts because at least she's seen the boys and Richard and that's all she has right now)
Kate: Nickels?
Me: No, nipples.
Kate: I want to have some.
Me: You do have some!
Kate: I want to see.
Me: Okay, hop up! (Lifting her up to the mirror and lifting up her shirt)
Kate: (a pause while she looked at them and an obviously disappointed sigh) They're so small!
Me: (laughing) They'll get bigger when you get older.
Kate: (pointing back to me) I want those ones!

Oh, honey. There is very little hope for you. She has no idea that the odds are against her! Then again, it wouldn't be saying much for her to have ones bigger than me. They've served me well, but they are sure nothing to get excited about!


Rod and Jessica said...

Oh my gosh! I am so glad you wrote that one down - not only for your own memories, but because I needed a good laugh today! At least she is "envious" of yours - my girls remind me that theirs are already bigger than mine on a daily basis! :) Too cute!
Happy Birthday to Daniel and Landon!

Karen and Joe said...

That is sooo funny! Nathan is always curious to see my nickels too but that is a WHOLE other story!
love ya and have fun celebrating the boys birthdays!

Heather said...

Did you seriously post about "nipples"? I thought you were jenny not heather!!! I really love that whole conversation. She is such a funny girl. Claire calls them her "bo-bo's". I'm sending your money in the mail and a little something for the boys!! Love you!!!