Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Fish Lake pictures- part 1

I wanted to post our Fish Lake pictures from my camera and this is as far as I got. My camera died while I was trying to download pictures, so here is the first bunch of pics. More to come as I try to catch up on the last few weeks.

Richard and Daniel
Love the intensity on his face as he tries to reel one in!
Connor, Dave, Daniel and Carter
Landon and Daniel hoping for a good one
Emma trolling
Another success
Emma, Grandpa and Kate
We all painted our nails and I thought it was funny to be putting a worm on a hook with pink sparkly nails. Kate, Mom and Emma's hands.
Heather and Jenny at Minute to Win it
I love this picture of Daniel
Sweet little baby Jude chillin' in Aunt Michelle's arms
Sitting by the campfire

I love this picture of my Dad and the kids love him to pieces!
Jon, Emma, Grandpa, Kate
Daniel, Richard and Landon
Landon and Jon
Me and my girls

My kiddos and the cool t-shirts we made!


Heather said...

You got some really great pictures! I love them all! It was so fun to be with you and your kids. I love the intensity on Dan's face too! The faces that kid pulls crack me up! Love you so much!!!

Alexander said...

awesome all pictures and good planning . really good family and beautiful kids .....
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