Saturday, August 20, 2011

My little fishies

We always have so much fun at the pool and it totally makes our whole summer. I love that we live a block away from it and that my kids are old enough to go by themselves. Since the pool is in our neighborhood we always find friends there. I love watching them play and sitting on the edge to work on my tan. Kate taught herself to swim this summer and people have asked me about what kind of swimming lessons she had. None! We just go to the pool almost every day!

Daniel jumping off the high dive
Landons high dive jump
They are making improvements to the pool...this year we got these cool aqua climbing walls and the kids love them. Next year will be a new waterslide and an additional leisure pool.
Emma and her best friend Shiloh

Here is the video of my little fishy Kate! I love it!


Jill said...

Wow...that is impressive! Jack doesn't even like to get his face wet in the tub! lol He takes after me. :-) Your tan is quite nice...I am jealous:-)

Heather said...

Holy crap! Kate really is a little fishy! She looks way to little to be doing that!! That looks like a way fun pool! How nice for you guys that it's so close to you!! Love you so much!!!!

Karen and Joe said...

Kate looks like the Little Mermaid! Nathan just moons everyone when he swims because his suit always comes off.
I'm glad you have that so close for you and the kids!