Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fish Lake at it's best

Although I took some pictures at Fish Lake and will post them soon, I just had to share these. My brother Jon is a fabulous photographer and I think he should go into this more. Wouldn't you love one of his prints on your wall?(See landscapes below) The pictures I took don't seem to capture what I feel about Fish Lake, but his sure do! I thought I would just post a few, but as I went through them, I just love them all, so here they are!

Jon and Jude

Connor and Dave
Grandpa bought wax lips and mustaches for the kids
Jon and Jake....crazy!
Claire and Jon
Grandpa and Parker

Heather and Brent
Claire and Jake
Traci, Jake and baby Jude
The West Family
McAllister family minus Richard
The Dave Hague family
Grandpa and Livi
Livi at Minute to Win it
Kate at Minute to Win it
Heather with vaseline on her nose
Richard and Kate
Michelle and Livi
The dock
Love, love, love this. Look at the stars! Jon and Landon


Rod and Jessica said...

Beautiful pictures! We totally grew up at Fish Lake! It was one of my grandpa's most favorite places to camp and fish - haven't been there in years! I forget how gorgeous it really is! You guys have such a fun family!

Katie said...

I love the pictures and the stories they tell. It looks like such a great family trip!

Heather said...

Jon really is awesome at what he does! It was so much fun, and I loved being with you! THank you for all the time that you put into trying to make it fun! I sure love you!!!

Alexander said...

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Daisy Chick said...

It looks like you all had a great time at Fish Lake. I loved all of Jon's pictures. So fun. Hope the boys had a great birthday. Send them our love.