Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What does the fishy say?

See this little guy? Our cousins gave us this fish 4 years ago. Four years! And he's been living in this little bowl. He's had friends that have come and gone, some that have committed suicide by jumping out of the bowl and drying on the counter before being found, and we've even gone on trips for 4 or 5 days without feeding him. Richard is very faithful at cleaning out the bowl, otherwise I'm sure he'd die. He's escaped during cleaning and gone down the disposal (not while it was on) and I've had to reach down and get him out (screaming the whole time!). He doesn't even have a name. Kate loves to see the fishy and the other day we put him in a little bowl on the floor while Richard cleaned out his bowl. Even though I was supervising Kate she still managed to grab him and squeeze nice and hard before we could make her drop him. His skin is broken and you can see his meat underneath. She almost squeezed his guts out! That was like 4 days ago and he is still alive! What a fish! What does the fishy say? "Stop squeezing me Kate!" (To be said in a you look pretty Mom kind of voice.)

In other totally unrelated news, Emma spent her day yesterday selling brownies and lemonade. She had a blast and I'm afraid we are going to be doing it again today. She made a few dollars and was so thrilled!
Landon and Daniel went down to shear sheep in Spring City yesterday. Their highlight was gathering all the dead lambs and dumping them in the "dead pit". They also watched another boy stab a bloated dead sheep with a knife and all the gas leaked out like a popped balloon. Looks like they'll have some good stories to share at school today.


Heather said...

How sad. Kate is like the little girl on "finding nemo",except way cuter! That sheep shearng stuff s crazy!!!

Karen and Joe said...

There is only one thing I think of when I see a goldfish---swallowing it!!
I'm sure you have heard the "tale" of when your Mom and Dad went to the Homecoming Dance at South and found a goldfish in the punchbowl...my date(first one) put it there!
Then I and another girl swallowed goldfish on a dare at the same dance!
So maybe your fish says "Keep Aunt Karen away from me!"
I love that Emma is such an entrepeneur(however you spell that) at such a young age (with the help of a great Mom!)

Layne said...

Okay, I didn't want to overwhelm with input, since I had already commented about George C. Scott being a silver fox (which he is), but I laughed so hard about "stop squeezing me Kate" in a "you look pretty Mom voice." Man, I love that story.