Thursday, April 1, 2010

Funny girl

Emma has been saying a few things lately that just crack me up. Here are some examples:

I had to send mini bagels to preschool today for a project and I told Emma last night that I had to go to the store to buy mini bagels.
"Mom, you've already told me that like three times today."
"Oh, sorry. I guess I just don't want to forget. I won't say it anymore."
"It's okay. You can say it again......just not to me."

When she came home from preschool today she said this.
"Miss Tina asked us what we want to be when we grow up. I told her I was going to be a scientist, and three boys in my class said they were going to be Spiderman! They actually think that when they grow up they can shoot webs out of their hands. Plus, this sign (the web shooting sign) means I love you."


Heather said...

That really is funny. I can just picture Emma being like, duh people, spiderman isn't real!!! She is so mature. Can't wait to see you tomorrow.

Lisa said...

So sweet. Don't you love the things little girls who think they are big say?

Anonymous said...

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