Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A little update on the fam

I used to write little updates on each person in our family back when I kept a journal, so since it's been a while, I thought I'd do it here on my blog. Since this is my journal anymore.

He played basketball this winter and is signed up for spring/summer baseball. He just bought this BB/pellet gun and feels very "cool" about it. He is doing extremely well at the piano and is also a great student. He is a big help with Katelyn and always helps out when I need him. He is getting super excited to have his own room-- a goal we have for this summer!
He also played basketball this winter and is signed up for baseball. He loves potty talk more than anyone I know. He continues to make us laugh all the time and is a sweet boy when he's not being a stinker. He is also doing very well on the piano and is looking forward to summer!
She is growing so much and is a full head taller than all the other kids in her preschool. I think she is going to be bored in kindergarten. She is writing and starting to read very well. She loves the piano and catches on so fast. She is also a big help with Katelyn and really wants to take dance, but wants it to be "her" kind of dance. "You know Mom, like cool dance!" We'll try to get her in a class after we've made it through the summer!
We cannot get over how beautiful and precious this little doll is. And isn't this dress adorable? I found it at Kid-to-Kid...love it! She loves to make messes and loves to go outside. She is starting to say lots of words. It's really hard to distinguish between "Elmo", "Emma" and "animal"! She is still not the best sleeper, but she is just a bundle of joy and we adore her!
I'm keeping really busy teaching piano, driving kids here and there, laundry, cooking, you know, all that exciting stuff? I've also done a little side work transcribing music and have gotten back into singing with the Paul Burnside Band. It's always fun to do what you really enjoy and get paid for it! I think the highlight of my weeks are my Zumba class and my weekly Walmart solo shopping trip. Sometimes I need to escape the mommy life and be alone...even if that means shakin' what my mama gave me at the gym or wandering aimlessly down the aisles at Walmart, so be it.

Richard is busy with work (although we wouldn't complain if things were busier) and Young Mens and Voice Male. He is a wonderful husband and the best Dad...the kids love him so much! He loves to play basketball and bargain shop and every now and then we get to go on a date together! We sure love our little family!


Layne said...

That picture of Richard sitting in your back yard with a gun just makes me laugh for some reason. I hope he doesn't shoot anybody or nothin'.

Heather said...

Your kids are getting so BIG! They are so freakin cute. We can't wait to spend time with you this weekend!

Katie said...

I love seeing all of your kids. They are getting so big- Can you believe Dan and Savannah will be getting baptized over Labor day? It blows my mind. You are a GREAT mom- your kids are lucky!