Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sheep Shearin'

We let the kids miss a day of school yesterday to go to Spring City and shear sheep. Of course, we didn't actually do any of the shearing. They have leather skinned, tooth missin' Australians to do the gruntwork in a big shearing plant that is really quite interesting to watch. Our kids loved watching the process, helping push sheep through the chutes, jumping on big bags of wool and just plain being in the good, clean, sheep air. It was a beautiful day and it was fun to watch the kids enjoy every minute. The boys buddies, Ky and Cole lassoed a couple sheep and of course Landon and Daniel thought it was great to hang on to the rope and help tackle the sheep to the ground to try and untie them. I know its not as important or as meaningful to me as it is to Richard, because it is such a part of his up bringing, but I really am grateful for oppurtunities like that. Not many kids get to experience anything like that these days (except maybe the Huff's) and we all really enjoyed the day. Sorry, no pictures.