Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Emma has been tagged!

I love this picture of Emma from last summer in Park City.

*Emma's middle name, Jae, represents Mom (Jenny), Grandma (Judy), and Grandma (Joan) - all important "J" people!
*Emma is only three but she seriously acts like she is seventeen.
*She can play Mary had a little Lamb on the piano all by herself.
*She is a true princess and loves pink, sparkles, ballet, shoes, make-up, all that.
*She is the most fun to hug and kiss.
*Emma loves going shopping with me and I love going shopping with her and I actually value and trust her opinion when shopping for myself.
*She loves to dance while I play the piano.
*Emma has a great imagination and can keep busy with a paper and pen or two dino nuggets for hours.
*Emma surprises me on a daily basis with her grown up attitude. Such as, "Mom, you can go pick up Daniel. I will be just fine! Give me the phone and I'll call you if I need you, OK?"
*She loves to help me cook dinner and she can brown the ground beef all by herself.
*She usually changes her clothes two or three times a day.
*I absolutely love having a girl and she is such a sweet angel. I truly adore her and am so blessed to have her in our family.
We tag Hailey, Connor and Olivia when you get a chance!