Thursday, April 24, 2008

Richard bought a camera!

Hip, hip hooray! Richard bought a camera yesterday! Happy Early Mothers Day! It's basically the same camera, only nicer. And we will be a lot more careful with this one. Thanks, honey.

Behold, the wolf Landon and Uncle Jon created. If you zoom in you can see all the great detail that went into it!
This thing was literally hanging by a thread.
Daniel had the pliers all ready to pull it out ( I was teaching piano) and I told him to just try twisting it before trying his hand at the pliers. It came out easier than he thought, as you can see by his expression!


Jill Bearden said...

Congrats on the camera! That wolf really is cool!

Ellie keeps talking about how much fun she had with your kids. I didn't get many details, but from what I know, her and Emma were the cops and Landon and Daniel were being hauled off to jail. :-)

Michelle said...

i love the look on daniels face--classic!!! hey the website for the cute blog templates is:

Bamamoma said...

yeah! a camera! That wolf is amazing!