Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wood Burnin' Wolf

Landon has a school project to create a sculpture, painting, etc. of the wild animal he chose to do a report on. Of course his first choice would have been a horse, but seeing as they aren't "wild" enough, he chose the wolf. He decided his art project would be to do a wood burning picture of a wolf that Uncle Jon could help him do. Uncle Jon drove from Logan and spent a good 5 hours helping Landon create and burn a very impressive wolf. Thank you, Jon! We're not even half way done! We've got 2 more days before the "Animal Museum" exhibit at school and I think he should win a prize because it looks pretty nifty! I sure wish I could take a picture of it so you could all behold its nifty-ness. (sigh!)


Bamamoma said...

Phil just bought a new camera to replace my camera - do you want me to send mine to you? I really need to see the wolf! It sounds awesome.

Jill Bearden said...

I know for a fact that Voice Male got a pay out this weekend...go buy a camera!

Layne said...

There is an awesome camera at Costco that we just got--$170, and it gets great reviews. It's the Canon Powershot SD750.