Friday, March 28, 2008

Landons New and Improved Piano Teacher!

Landon and Grandma Judy at his weekly piano lesson!

I may not be able to teach Landon piano, but my mom sure can! It's not that I'm not capable, or that he is not able (on the contrary, he's quite good!) but I was unable to be consistent for anything! I'd teach him a little here and there and help him practice here and there, but if we didn't get to have a lesson or practice then we'd just put it off. And before you know it days or even weeks would pass without even thinking about it. I felt bad that I was letting his natural talent just sit there and do nothing. Thankfully, Grandma Judy is now Landons teacher and he is doing fabulous! We are actually consistent, he is learning and progressing, and you really won't find a better teacher than Grandma! Plus, he and I get to drive up to their house together once a week. Yes, it's a big sacrifice for me....I get to lay on my moms bed and watch American Idol and Dancing with the Stars while I wait for his lesson. It's a great arrangement! Thanks Mom!