Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A bit 'o the Irish

Landon spent Sunday evening at Grandma and Grandpas helping all the cousins write letters to the Leprechaun. He requested a treasure hunt that involved an ending point with lots of chocolate and possibly some real gold. What do you know! The leprechaun visited our house and the kids had a fun treasure hunt. They found a cauldron at the end of the hunt filled with gold candy, chocolate money and even a few gold dollars. They were thrilled! After examining the cauldron and seeing the price tag on the bottom Landon said, "Mom, I think the leprechaun must have stole this from the store!" "Hmmmm!" was my reply. That sufficed. When Daniel came home from kindergarten he would only settle for carrots, potatoes and meat for lunch because his teacher told him that was a traditional Irish dinner. So after much trying to convince him that would take a long time to make, we still peeled a few carrots and potatoes and we chopped them up and boiled them. Then we opened up a can of roast beef that I happened to have, and viola! A wonderful Irish lunch. He loved it and gobbled it all up!


Bamamoma said...

Jenny, I love your blog. Just today I was looking through backgrounds and thought about using this very one!

I love how bright it is.

I'm thinking I need to be Irish! I've never received a pot of gold (even one stolen from the store!).