Thursday, March 13, 2008


So I guess I should have gone upstairs to see what all the laughter was about. But the kids (and friends) were all playing so nicely (however loudly). When I did go check it out, you would have thought they had a garden hose up there. The floor was about that wet. Three sopping towels later and I think it might be dry by the end of the week. The culprit was, in part, a tea set. They had a lovely tea party I'm sure, but good grief! I don't think they actually drank any of the water. The big offender is darling, little Baby Born who happens to go pee by herself. She can also poop, spit up, cry and maybe a few other things I don't care to figure out. The boys were even in there laughin' it up and making her go repeatedly but never quite making it into the Baby Born toilet for which its purpose was intended. Silly me, I forgot to buy more diapers at the store for this sweet little angel. (The diapers cost more than actual baby diapers.) I thought the doll was so cute and such a good idea for Emma at the time. All I'm saying is if you ever consider buying one of these adorable monsters....don't!