Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Emma Jae!

Today was Emma's birthday and she has been looking forward to it for so long! She has asked so many times over the last few weeks "how many more days until my birthday?" Today it was "how many minutes until my party", and then "how many seconds?" We decided to have a baking party and it ended up being a ton of work for me, but like I told Richard, it was worth every ounce of work and effort because Emma deserved every bit of it. She is such a sweet, caring, helpful girl and we love her so much. She is so great with Kate and is always a peacemaker. She is fun to be with and so smart, talented and beautiful.

Birthday morning opening presents. I don't think she ate breakfast because she just had chocolate covered raisins. It's her birthday!
She got a new doll, chocolate raisins, a new dress, some hair accessories and some walkie talkies (that I had to communicate with her on all day....which is not easy when you are trying to put on make-up or cut up food.)
The party began with the girls decorating bakers hats that I made out of poster board and tissue paper. They all decorated them so cute!
Take a look at the aprons! Aren't they darling? I made them from bandanas I found at Hobby Lobby for .99 cents! I found the ribbon there also for 50% off. They were fun and easy to make and turned out so cute!
My sweet birthday girl
This was the only shot I got of lunch. They made fruit kabobs and ham and cheese cracker sandwiches. At least I fed them a fairly healthy lunch, because what came next was major sugar overload!
I split the girls into 2 groups and had some learning to dip cake balls into chocolate and drizzle them with white chocolate.
The other group decorated their cakes. I've been baking and freezing them all week because I only have one 6" round pan and there were 12 girls!
Some of them seriously piled their frosting like 4 inches high!
For such young girls, they actually did a really good job at making the cake balls!
And here they all are at present time. You can't tell, but they are all mixing ice bags with baggie ice cream. That was the last thing we did and they got to eat the ice cream and take home their cakes and a little box with the cake balls they had dipped.

I'm so glad I could make her day so fun for her. She was very grateful and I think my favorite moment of the day was when she told me through her walkie-talkie that I'm the best Mom in the world.


Bamamoma said...

you ARE the best mom in the world! How fun!

Heather said...

I agree! You are the best mom in the world. What a super cute idea for a bday party. You totally went all out! When Claire is old enough I'm totally copying this idea! Love it! I'm sorry I didn't call her. I went to Vegas on Friday with 2 friends for a girls weekend. I got home yesterday afternoon and I've been paying for it with a terrible migraine ever since:( I've already had one shot and I'm about to go to bed. Tell Emma happy bday for me and I love her so much! I really liked this post!!!

Karen and Joe said...

You didn't tell me how about the CUTE aprons! Course I can't sew worth a "darn"! Your sweet mom tried to teach me but no use.
I LOVE the idea of the bakers hats, Nathan would love a party like this because he is my biggest helper in the kitchen baking.
I really need the recipe for the cake balls and also the recipe for the french toast from the 4th of July.
Ashley will say to me "you're the best mom I've ever had"-no arguing there, since I'm the only mom she's ever had.
Happy Birthday Emma, Way to go Jen, so fun to be with you guys the other night!
Love ya!

angelj44 said...

Super cute birthday party idea! I will have to keep this idea in my pocket for a later date. Birthday parties are so exhausting for moms but totally worth it; I'm glad Emma was so appreciative.

Katie said...

So awesome Jenny! I love it. What a cute, sweet girl you have.