Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brain power

I think as we get older our brains don't work as well as they once did. I used to be able to remember everything and now I have to make myself a master list to follow and make sure everyone gets where they need to be, among many other things. Here are a few examples:

Last Tuesday night Richard got home late after bishopric meeting and spent a few minutes channel surfing. I came in and asked what he was watching. He seemed a little perplexed and said, "well, I was trying to find Monday night football, but I guess it's not on tonight!" I told him, "that's because it's Tuesday!"

Today my cute friend brought her daughter over for lessons at 2:30 because she genuinely thought it was 4:30, which is her daughters actual lesson time. That same friend came over later to drop something off and knocked on my door moments later because she couldn't find her keys anywhere and wondered if she'd dropped them in my house. They were in her pocket.

One of my piano students came today at her assigned time (this was the first week in a new time slot) and I had no idea why she was at my house! I had double booked lessons today and messed everything up!

After my lesson left and I was trying to figure out how to work the next hour out after I had messed it up so much, I grabbed my hair and said to Kate, "I don't know what's wrong with me today....I think I lost my brain!" She said, "I'll look for your brain, Mom." She still hasn't found it, and neither have I. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


Mom M. said...

Jenny, I'm laughing out loud, probably because I can relate to all of this. Life is so "busy" that our brains sometimes don't keep up. Think of it this way...You are practicing for what lies ahead of you. :-)

Jen said...

I feel like this ALL the time! ;)

Rod and Jessica said...

Couldn't have said it any better myself! LOL! My favorite part of the day is when I call all of my girls the wrong names - or can't remember why I just walked into a certain room for the 10th time! At least we'll all be in good company when we really do lose it for good! :) Thanks for the laugh today!

Heather said...

That's so funny! Katelyn is such a crack up! I double booked a lesson last week too! Also, I just found something in my glove box yesterday, your money and your boys bday stuff. Apparently i never mailed it! I'm the biggest retard. Can you tell Katelyn to keep an eye out for Aunt Heather's brain too? I'll just have to bring it with me when I come up. Sorry i'm such a loser!! Love ya!

Bamamoma said...

Ahhh, I feel your pain. The other day, Eden said, "remember how daddy always made lists of everything? Maybe YOU should try that."

Maybe after Kate finds yours she could look for mine.