Friday, October 7, 2011

Two years

Today marks the two year anniversary of my Mom's passing. October 7, 2009 was the most beautiful fall day I can remember. Today is cold, dark and dreary and I hate seeing the snow in the mountains already. We just skipped from summer to winter and I really need fall! One of my favorite memories of that day was after we (no children) had all arrived at the house that morning and cried and prayed together, we all went in the kitchen and sat around the table. My sister-in-laws sisters had brought Del Taco breakfast burritos, fruit and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. We sat around the table and talked and laughed. It was in that moment that I knew somehow we'd all be okay. Somedays it sure doesn't feel like it, but that experience is such a special memory to me. I can feel every emotion of that breakfast. I can see the way the light poured into the windows. I can feel the sting in my eyes from the tears. And through it all, ultimately it is okay. What I wouldn't give to see her again right now though! I miss her every day. I mourn the things she was supposed to still do in this life, but am grateful for the life she lived. Thank you, Jessica for this beautiful poem.

In a perfect world,
everything would always go right.
There would be no disappointment or trials,
and life would be filled with only
sweet, warm, and fuzzy feelings.

But how would we know
if things were good if we had no comparison?
Would we recognize the blessings in our lives
without having their opposites to compare them to?
Without the darkness,
would we appreciate the light?

Seems to me if we want rainbows,
we gotta have rain.
The trick is to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps
and go out and look for puddles to play in;
recognize the tempest for what it is
and train ourselves to look for the good
in every situation.

By overcoming our adversity,
we find the joy in everything.
So go on, go play in the rain!


Rod and Jessica said...

Love and hugs to you and your beautiful family today and always. You are who you are because of your mom. You are honoring her life well by the way you live your own!

Daisy Chick said...

My thoughts are with you. Love you lots.

Katie said...

I always think about you and your mom passing right when it is Cannon's birthday. I love you.

Karen and Joe said...

Love to you and your family. Tomorrow is another day and one day closer to eternity...