Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween in pictures

These pictures were taken at the Trunk or Treat. In some years past Richard and I have dressed up, but this year we were party poopers, I guess.
Brady, Daniel and Savannah- the BYU crew
Kyler, Landon and Matt
Shiloh, Emma, Kate and Savannah

He had his heart set on being a kissing booth. I gave him a bag of Hershey Kisses to hand out if anyone requested a kiss because I didn't want him freely handing out real kisses. He is a cute boy!
I had no idea how I was going to pull off the Cosmo request from Daniel, but TA-DA!! I did! :)
A close up of the mask. I did this all with paper mache. I know, I know. I'm crazy. Or am I awesome? Or am I both? Who cares! It turned out great and he loved it and it cost about $1 to make and even though it was a lot of work, it was actually pretty fun!
This day she was Sleeping Beauty. This morning at the school parade she was a ballerina. Tonight at Grandpas she was Cinderella. This is the only picture I took!
This was a hit! I got the idea from Family Fun and it was so fun and cheap to make. Not very durable, but so dang cute!!

After the Trunk or Treat on Saturday we carved our pumpkins. I am always amazed at how messy this gets!
Emma's stands for "Emma loves (Grandma) Judy" and Kate's is the smiling one
I made a love pumpkin for Richard and me and Landon did the angry bird.
Daniel did the wolf and the "D". The D fell apart and caused many tears and much pouting, but a little wooden skewer fixed it up real nice and all was good....and then he burned his finger.
All the lights were off for this, but notice Daniels upset, teary face and the frozen peas on his burnt finger. After all, what would a pumpkin carving night be without a little drama!


Heather said...

SO CUTE! And yes, You are crazy and awesome!!! You are such a good mommy to make your kids costumes, i'm a loser and do the store bought stuff. I love all the pictures though. I need to post mine soon!
P.s. Did you get all those fun clothes? Find anything you like?
Love ya!!

Jessica said...

Love it...your family is awesome!!!

Bamamoma said...

Awesome costumes. What a fun, creative mom you are!

alisa fawn said...

looks like an awesome halloween! I LOVE emma's costume! So clever!

Karen and Joe said...

Wow, You are so clever! I love Landon's the best! They all look great though! Lots of work!

Daisy Chick said...

Jenny amazing. I loved the costumes and Cosmo was amazing. You are so talented. Looks like you had a super fun Halloween. Hope you are doing well. Love you all.