Thursday, September 9, 2010


I remember my Mom used to have 2 laundry days per week. She would sort, wash, fold, iron and put all the laundry in neat piles on each of those days. I feel like I do laundry every day! It takes me one day to sort it into piles, another day (or two) to wash and dry, another to fold, another to put in neat little (big) piles and another to get the kids to actually put their laundry away. Then I still have all of ours (mine, Richards and Kate's) to put away, which takes another few days, or until I need the baskets to repeat the whole process again! So the other day I was not amused by this conversation:

As Richard was getting dressed for the day, he opened up his underwear drawer, which had been completely empty the day before and exclaimed, "Oh, wow, it's like MAGIC!!"

"For YOU!!"


Layne said...

I have totally given up on socks. The rest of the stuff eventually gets put away, a week or two or three after I wash and dry it, but the socks live in a laundry basket that migrates from the dining table to the buffet to my bed. I just can't deal with them.

Lisa M Roberts said...

Ha ha totally make me laugh. Then again, somehow a bunch of money magically appears in the checking account like magic every month! :)

Heather said...

That is so funny. Mom was amazing, she made everything seem so effortless. I'm just catching up in the hotel room while claire is napping and the boys are swimming. I just saw you pics on Kara's blog. You look gorgeous and so does your family. I love the one of you and your girls and your boys are getting so big and handsome. Love and miss you!!!

Karen and Joe said...

I hear ya girl! I'm the worst! I really don't mind DOING the wash which I pretty much do every day. It's the putting it AWAY that I hate. I'll fold it down in the laundry room (or as I like to refer to it as "the dungeon")and put in into the different baskets or hang it up, but after that they can pretty much "come and get it". I agree with Layne, I have so many baskets of socks and the sad part is they don't have a mate, thus being the reason for my distaste in doing this unpleasant task!
Last night in fact, I plopped a giant bag of socks on Joe's lap and said, "you're always asking me where your socks are, so here they are, now fold them!"
Here's to mothers who were always organized and made it all look so easy.

Mandy said...

Ha Ha!! You guys make me laugh! Tell him to buy you a new front loader--I spend half the time doing my laundry...It only took me 6 years to save for one!!!...But it is worth every penny and time!! Love ya