Sunday, September 5, 2010

Goodbye summer

I've been wanting to post about our pool all summer, and finally remembered my camera yesterday. We live one block from the Lehi outdoor pool and it is what our summer is all about! We have it down to a science- the stroller is always stocked with our season passes, money for treats, goggles, diving sticks etc.. We hang our towels in the garage to dry off for the next day and we're off again! We have absolutely loved this pool and its like having our own pool without all the hassle or upkeep- it's great! The boys are old enough that they can go on their own and will spend hours there. We go 3 or 4 days a week and I seriously don't know what I'd do without the pool! The kids have all taught themselves to swim, although I still have to stay with Kate every second. It closes for the season tomorrow and we were glad we got to spend the day there yesterday- it was wonderful! Until next summer, farewell, dear pool.

Richard and the girls- the kids love it when Dad gets to come to the pool. He's way more fun than me!
Landon, Daniel and their friends Colton and Jacob
The waterslide! Emma is the only one that won't go down it, but Kate even enjoyed going down it with me this year.
My swimming buddy- thank goodness the other kids just keep themselves busy!
Kate doesn't usually last as long as the other kids, so we usually end up getting a snack to recharge and dry off!


Heather said...

Oh Jenny, you are making me so sad that I don't have my pool any more. I will have to figure something out. I'm so glad that you have yours to go to. I love your new swim suit and you look so skinny in it. Maybe next year when we visit we can go with you one time. Miss you!!!