Thursday, September 2, 2010


Emma started kindergarten yesterday! She looked more like a 2nd grader walking into school a full head taller than most of the other little pipsqueaks. She is hoping for some homework as soon as possible! She got the one teacher I wasn't very excited about, but we'll see how things go and hope for the best! So it's just Kate and me in the mornings, but that time goes by fast, and it's almost impossible to get anything done with a 2 year old!
I wanted to do something different with her hair, but she insisted on this hairdo. A ponytail clipped up in the back and these long ringlets hanging down in front. I figured it wasn't worth any tears, so she won!


Heather said...

Hey the polygamist hairdo is in!!! Just kiddin', she is still a cutie. I'm sure she'll do great no matter who her teacher is. I can't believe how tall she is, your kids are huge! I hope you enjoy your mornings and occasionally get something accomplished! Love you. Thanks for calling today!

Jill said...

Cute girl. And hey, her name is Emma, there's not reason she shouldn't want her hair like Emma Smith. lol

Daisy Chick said...

What a good are. I can't believe Emma is already in kindergarten...where has all the time gone to. She is beautiful. And I totally here you about two year olds. looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.