Thursday, April 30, 2009

I've been through the desert on a horse with no name....

This is a pelvis bone of either a cow or a horse.  Both the boys brought it for show and tell this week to school.

They tried to see how much of the skeleton they could piece together.

Last weekend Richard and the boys went out to the west desert to go help shear sheep.  They don't actually do the shearing- they have a bunch of leather-skinned New Zealanders do that part in a big shearing trailer.  They went to help, but didn't get the chance because the weather was so icky.  The had a fun time anyways riding four-wheelers, finding old bones, playing cards and ultimate frisbee.  Richard brought the boys back on Sunday morning and then he headed back out (it's about a 4 hour drive) to help for the next two days so they could get it all done.  For those of you who have never seen how the process happens, my next post will be a video essay of the shearing process.  Its really quite interesting.  I'll have to wait for Richard to help me with it though, because I know I will not explain it correctly!  


LMN said...

oh my goodness! I have a funny story about that song ... takes me back to a week in highschool when instead of what us kids thought was going to be a family vacation over spring break, we spent the entire spring break planting vinca major (ground cover) all over the perimeter of my dad's 3-acre property. That song was one that got sang over and over with new lyrics we would come up with on the spot, as we tried to express our misery.

Ahhh Jenny, I think about you and your family so much. Thought of you and your mom in writing my recent post. I hope she is not in too much pain and that you are able to spend some good time with her, even though no doubt she is probably pretty tired much of the time.

I love you and miss you - hope you are hanging in there despite a hurting heart. much love, xoxoxoxoxo heather