Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Copper Mines

Our kids have the whole week off for Spring break and it is snowing! We didn't really plan anything and we are feeling a little stir crazy. Today we are headed to the Bean Museum at BYU- its free and its indoors! Yesterday we went to IKEA so I could buy a high chair and so the kids could play in the play place, which they love. (Landon was about an inch taller than the maximum height but he still got in.) And, dang it, they were out of the high chairs that I wanted. Monday we went to the Copper Mine. The kids were really interested in all the exhibits and we watched a cool video and got to see this amazing hole! Its one of the only man made things that can actually be seen from space.

The kids looking at all sorts of rock and minerals through the microscopes.

This hole is 3/4 mile deep and almost 3 miles across!

This is a wheel from the giant trucks that haul rock and dirt from the hole. Can you believe the size - just imagine how big the trucks are! Each wheel costs $25,000 and only lasts about a year. Wow! We were glad we got to go see this amazing place!


Jill said...

Coppermines?...oh, you must be referring to Rainbow Mountain. That's what my kids call it! lol

Julianne said...

does ikea has good highchairs? I'm in the market for a new one in a few months! I never thought of looking there!

Jenny said...

Ju- I commented on your last blog!