Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

What a cutie pie!

The lovely soft boiled eggs (because I messed up) that we colored that no one would eat.

Landoni- who spent Easter afternoon with a fever and sleeping. He seems all better now!

Daniel- whose hand is still green from reaching into the cup full of dye instead of using the picker upper.

Emma- wearing a lovely ensemble of pink camoflauge and flowers. You should have seen her earlier with brown suede boots to complete the look. Yes, she wore it all day.

Kates cute shoes that she cannot keep on her feet for more than 5 seconds. See the little sheepy? People always give us cute sheep clothes for our babies.

Isn't she darling?!


Rod and Jessica said...

I could just eat that little baby up! Are you sure you don't need 12more?? You make 'em so cute! We'll just keep crossing our fingers for arranged marriages! What fun pictures of your family!

Jill said...

Fun Easter! Kate IS a cutie pie. She seems very happy in these pictures, I hope that means she is getting better. PS..I keep meaning to ask you..WHY exactly did you have a jar of pickles in your laundry room? lol

LMN said...

Aaah, Jenny - I want to steal your cutie little kids!! They are so darling. Love all the pics.