Friday, April 17, 2009

In the words of Daniel, "Let's exhibit some more!"

We had fun at the Bean Museum, even though we had to drive through a blizzard to get there!

Kate had a great view of everything from her carseat.

Just lay your head sideways. Sorry. Daniel and the enormous Kodiak!

Two beautiful striped creatures!

Daniel is trying to "howl", not blow.

Landon and what is it, a Jaguar.

The three bears!

This is what we woke up to on Thursday morning! Spring break, whatever! Our neighbors giant weeping willow was cracked in half by the weight of this very wet snow. Apparently we got the worst of the storm because other parts of Lehi had no snow! Crazy April showers!


LMN said...

Oh my gosh! That snow is wild! Craziness. Been thinking a lot about you Jen, and your momma, too. I hope she is hanging in there. Miss you - your kids are darling!! Let's Exhibit some more!

Jill said...

Way to brave the storm for the good of your children. It was a crazy day! I just saw on the news that it will be 78 degrees on Thursday!!...but then back to 49 on Saturday. fun fun crazy crazy

Bamamoma said...

Amazing snow! I seriously miss the snow but maybe not so much in April (of course I'd still trade it for tornadoes!)

Your kids are adorable as always.