Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The last week of May

I really didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked to last week, but here is what I did end up with. (Every time I pull out the camera Kate always ends up with it and I forget to take it back and take pitures!)
This is Emma's Kindergarten celebration (graduation) night. I know she has on her fancy "high" sandals, but look how tall she is!
I love that smug little smile. I should have taken a close up to show the top front tooth she lost and the other one that's hanging by a thread. She always waits until the teeth fall out on their own- that's exactly how I was too!
Landon right after the choir assembly. Landon had a solo this year and did a great job. He sang "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better" with a girl in our ward and they were so cute! I love watching him perform and he loves to sing!
Mrs. Johnson and Landon. She is the principal and also the choir director. She does a super job and I really hope she sticks around for a few more years because I want all my kids to be in her wonderful choir!
Daniel at the Dance Festival. Each grade does a dance and this year they all painted their Tshirts. Daniels grade danced to "Bicycle" and he was so cute to watch! We loved his shimmy best!
This was his super cool ending pose!
Landos was so cool and smooth with his dancing. The 5th grade danced to Surfin' USA and we loved his moves!
Saturday morning the boys had an air soft war in the back yard. Richard learned first hand how bad it hurts to get shot after he shot Landon and Landon quickly retaliated and shot him back. Notice the duct tape on Daniel's crotch. He was doing his best to protect himself.
Richard is such a good Dad and a good sport! Later on in the day the boys had another friend join them and Richard let them stand on one end of the yard and shoot at him while he ran around the swingset. I was watching from an upstairs window and laughing while he was being hit and screaming and running. He came in the house with some pretty sweet welts on his chest!
Our plans were to head to Mt. Pleasant on Monday but the weather changed our plans and we ended up going bowling with my family. My Dad whooped on all of us and had the highest score. I was 2nd place and had probably the best game of my life. But that's only because I was bowling on the same lane as Dave and Jon. They are SUPER competitive and athletic and they both did terrible and I BEAT THEM! Aw yeah!
Sure love this little cutie pie!
Dave and Jon- the losers.


Heather said...

Wow! Looks like you've been busy! Your kids all look so cute! Richard is a good dad! I'm glad that you did so well bowling and I love that Dave and Jon sucked, that's awesome! I'm way excited you can come this weekend. It will be so great to see you!! Tell Richard thank you so much!!!!

Karen and Joe said...

Emma looks so grown up there! Richard is a fun Dad-is there any other?
What a great day of bowling and to think you beat your brothers, boo-yah!