Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Docking 2011

I'm pretty much going to let the pictures speak for themselves. If you don't know what docking is, see if you can figure it out from the pictures. If you think my boys look stinky....seriously, you should've smelled them in real life! Holy cow! I mean sheep.

You better believe they are proud of every speck of blood!
I can still smell it on them even after their showers.
The whole crew. And yes, that is all blood, not paint.

Daniel and Crosby (Dave in the background) and some of the tails of the day. They did over 900 lambs!
Just in case you didn't see this in the last picture. If you don't know what these probably don't want to know what these are.

That's Landon and Daniel at the top there
They just happened upon this lovely snake on the way home.....yuck! But I still think Richard looks cute- blood and all.
And they loved every minute of it!


Amy said...

One word: DISGUSTING!!!!!! I can't believe I am looking at all of that yuck! At least they had a good time doing it, right? Hmmmm.....Male bonding......

Bamamoma said...

Oh bleck! I think I would have required them to burn their clothing and stay at a hotel for a couple of days/showers before returning home. Yucko!

Layne said...

It's one of the great sadnesses of my life that my kids don't get to go docking. I think they need to.

Karen and Joe said...

Aw, boys will be boys and men will be men! Good thing I grew up with all boys!
You are a good sport to deal with it all, that's what makes you and Richard such a good couple.
I'm glad they all had such a great time. Believe it or not-these are the times they will remember the most, because they spent time with their DAD!